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Beware Of This Innocent Looking Flower That Can Make Your Gardening Experience Hell

Beware Of This Innocent Looking Flower That Can Make Your Gardening Experience Hell

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We’ve all had daisies in the garden, haven’t we? They really look beautiful. You can see this little white flower everywhere, but I bet you didn’t know this shocking truth about them – daisies can actually be very harmful for your garden and fruits!

I was wondering why my poor flowers couldn’t bloom. Of course, the answer was hiding in these sneaky flowers all along. They are like spoiled children, they don’t want to share anything.

I know it will be difficult for you to throw them out of your yard, but you have to do it if you want to have a healthy environment (sad violin plays in the background).

Getting rid of them wasn’t easy. It was a real challenge, but in the end I succeeded. I suggest doing it in your own garden too, particularly if you have dedicated time and effort to cultivating it to perfection. It would be truly sad to witness your lovely blooms disappear.

A little heads-up, this whole process may be overwhelming in the beginning, but it’s important to be patient and not give up. Here’s how you do it!

These Tips Will Help You Stop The Drama Daisies Cause

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  • Pull out the root. If you want daisies to disappear from your garden forever, you will have to get your hands dirty and get to work. They are very persistent, but you can outsmart them. 

Try to pull them as hard as you can out of the ground with your hands. If you can’t, use a hoe. Just be careful as you have to do the job right to prevent them from growing back.

  • Buy herbicides. If you are not successful in uprooting, you can use a herbicide. I used Roundup and it helped me a lot. Don’t worry, it is not harmful for you or your pets, you just have to wait for it to dry.

Before the flowering season, spray the areas where the daisy grows and a few weeks after blooming it will disappear completely.

  • Cooperate with the neighborhood. If you see that the flower has spread to the garden next to yours, you can warn neighbors about the damage and go into action together. This way, you will help the environment in the entire area. 

This can be a good reason to have a real party with your next door neighbor. Barbecue? Why not, every job goes better with food.

  • Check on them daily. You must monitor the condition of your garden every day. If you notice tiny daisies, act immediately! This way you will prevent further spread. 

Even if there are a few plants, you have to get rid of them. If you don’t remove that part, your whole garden will be full of white flowers in no time.

Okay, But What Makes These Cute Daisies So Dangerous?

I didn’t want to believe this either (truth sometimes hurts). Daisies will suffocate your other plants and deny them space for growth and development. 

That would be a real disaster for insects and birds. You wouldn’t want to make them sad and leave them without food, right?

It attracts pests like aphids which will destroy everything you worked for. Aphids are very bad for your planted flowers. They will slow down the growth of the flowers and suck the juices from the leaves. 

Before that happens, you might want to check out these useful tips on how to get rid of aphids.

Source: Pinterest

I have a great idea for what you can do with daisies once you pull them out of the ground. I couldn’t throw them away because they were so cute, so I dried them and made a herbarium out of them. They turned out beautiful and now I have them as a souvenir. 

They remind me of how I managed to save my garden, although it was hard. In the end I succeeded with the help of these magic tricks. For real, who would have thought that they could really cause a serious problem for us gardeners? 

Ladies and gentlemen, the only thing left for you is to start the adventure of helping your garden. Hey, don’t forget to reward yourself when you’re done with a cold cocktail!