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Enjoy A Fresh Smell As Soon As You Walk Out The Door With These 8 Scent-Sational Plants 

Enjoy A Fresh Smell As Soon As You Walk Out The Door With These 8 Scent-Sational Plants 

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Is there anything better than stepping outside on a beautiful summer day and being greeted by the sweet, calming aroma of your favorite flowers?

For me, decorating my patio with fragrant blooms is a must. Not only do they make my outdoor space look nicer, but they also fill the air with their delightful scent.

Even if you have a small space, there are many compact plants you can put in tiny planters. I personally enjoy lavender, but you can also try rosemary, star jasmine, gardenia, and more!

Don’t worry, I’ll gladly share my favorite sweet-smelling plants with you. These simple ideas are guaranteed to make your outdoor space a fresh and safe oasis that you won’t be able to resist!

 So, let’s make your outdoor space smell as lovely as it looks. 🙂 

1. You Must Start With Rosemary

Let’s begin with a plant that’s both beautiful and fragrant, and can even be used in cooking. 

Of course, I am talking about rosemary, a cheerful herb that can grow and thrive almost anywhere!

This is a hardy, evergreen herb that can adapt to different growing conditions. However, it doesn’t like being waterlogged; so if you decide to grow it, stay away from overwatering. 

In the early spring, you might spot some purple flowers that bees and other pollinators absolutely love!

You can prune your rosemary to control its shape and size, or you can leave it to grow into a large specimen. 

If you decide to prune it, make sure you use sterile pruning shears (and save some sprigs for a cocktail!). 

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2. Climbing Rose Is A Close Second

If you are into cottage garden styles, then you’re definitely going to love climbing roses!

These elegant plants have sweet-smelling and long-lasting flowers you can enjoy for the entire summer. 

If you live in Florida, Nevada, or anywhere in USDA hardiness zones from 5 to 9, you can try and grow climbing roses. 

Please note that they need something to climb onto, so add trellises, fences, pagodas, or grow them next to a wall

My sister has climbing roses and I am secretly jealous because I don’t have enough space to grow them. 

She pointed out that they need to be trained to climb, so if you decide to grow them, use twine made out of natural materials like soft plant ties or jute. 

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3. Gardenias Are All About Elegance And Sweet Scent 

Although tricky to care for, gardenias are known for their exquisite scent and remarkable beauty. 

Please note that these plants like warmer temperatures, so if you live in USDA zones 8 to 11, you can almost effortlessly grow gardenia. 

But if you live somewhere colder, you can always grow gardenias in a container and then bring it indoors once the temperature drops. 

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4. Include Honeysuckle To Make Your Patio Smell Like Childhood

Honeysuckle flowers have a honey scent, who would have thought? But it’s totally true! 

As the name suggests, these elegant trailing shrubs produce lovely yellow/red flowers that have sweet fragrances. 

You can’t walk by without stopping to smell the flowers. And if you visit my garden, you’ll always catch the scent of honeysuckle in the air.

When it comes to the growing conditions, honeysuckles are relatively easy to maintain because they’ll thrive anywhere as long as they grow upwards; so, don’t forget to provide them with something they can climb onto. 

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5. Add Flowering Tobacco To Your Patio Mix

If you think that the cigarette smell comes from the tobacco plant, you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, flowering tobacco plants have one of the most lovely fragrances in nature. 

I personally can’t stand the smell of cigarettes, which is why I was shocked when I first noticed the Nicotiana plant! 

The sweet fragrance coming from trumpet shaped flowers and lovely red/pink flowers have left me speechless. 

However, since they release their scent in the evening, which attracts a lot of night pollinators (including bats and moths), I decided not to add them in my garden. 

But those of you who aren’t scared of bats, please note that flowering tobacco is a half-hardy annual that grows well in the container! 

6. You Can’t Go On Without Lavender

Of course I had to add lavender to my list! I mean, who doesn’t like the mesmerizing lavender fragrance

My perfume is lavender, my fabric softener is lavender, I have a bunch of lavender in my home… Soon, I’ll become lavender! 

The reason why I love it so much (besides its scent) is its relatability and versatility; you can grow lavender almost anywhere: from patio flower beds to container displays. 

It doesn’t have any special growing requirements and can adapt to poor soils. Even if you skip watering, your lavender wouldn’t mind because they are relatively drought-tolerant! 

Lavender and rosemary are often combined in the garden, although they both attract rosemary beetles. However, these are easy to spot and can be simply hand picked off the plants. 

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7. Don’t Miss Out On Star Jasmine

And the star of the show is definitely star jasmine!

While my friend proudly cultivates her own jasmine, I’ve developed a deep appreciation for my potted star jasmine shrub over the years – it’s been with me for over ten years, adding charm and a sweet scent to my patio.

I’ve seen its lovely creamy flowers bloom from spring to summer, filling the air with a delicate, honey-like fragrance. 

Whether I’m near my kitchen door or relaxing outside, jasmine’s fragrance simply lifts my mood!

If you decide to grow star jasmine, please note that these are fast-growing plants that need to be pruned regularly. 

You can grow them in the ground, but I prefer to grow them potted so I can carry them around and put them wherever I want. 

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8. Bring Everything Together With Sweet Peas 

If you decide to add some vertical interest to your garden, then sweet peas are the perfect choice. 

Known for their unique perfume, sweet peas are also renowned for their pretty flowers that look gorgeous on the vine or as cut stems for a vase inside your home. 

The more flowers you cut, the more flowers will be produced! 

Plus, sweet peas seeds are pretty cheap and super easy to plant (spring is the best time to sow them). 

Add some of these plants to your patio and enjoy the harmony of fragrance during the summer. Do you know what plants you want to add to your patio oasis? 

I’ve got most of them, but I’m still bummed out because I don’t have enough space for elegant climbing roses. If you decide to grow them, take a picture and send it to me so I can admire their beauty from afar! 

I know that caring for some of these plants may require a bit of attention, but trust me, it’ll all be worth it in the end.  
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