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4 Plants You Must Prune Until The End Of May If You Want More Stunning Blossoms

4 Plants You Must Prune Until The End Of May If You Want More Stunning Blossoms

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We have a few days until May is over and, for growers, that means not much time is left for some gardening chores. 

Call me dramatic, but perfect timing means everything when growing plants. Pruning is the best example, and if you mess it up, your plants won’t look the way you want them to. And the easiest way to mess it up is to do it at the wrong time. Don’t ask how I know this.

Different plants – different pruning requirements. For some species, May is actually the last chance and pruning will encourage new growth and more mesmerizing blossoms. 

Wondering if you have any such species? These are the ones that need your attention before May ends!

1. Shape Up Your Bay Tree

If a bay tree adorns your yard, you’re probably obsessed with its fragrance. That makes two of us! 

No matter how healthy and thriving your bay tree is at the moment, it will still benefit from gentle pruning.

You may have noticed that these plants produce suckers at the ground level, and they do look kinda unsightly. What do you get by removing them? A lush and stunning bay tree! 

I cut them back to a healthy bud using a sharp and clean pair of pruners. 

It’s pretty common for bay trees to have a few brown leaves at this point. Simply cut them off to help your tree focus its energy on new growth.

I also use this opportunity to snip away those few drooping branches, ensuring my bay tree shines in all its former splendor for the months to come!

2. Pruning Is A May Maintenance Must For Herbaceous Perennials

One of the main reasons why I added herbaceous perennials to my garden was because they can bloom more than once throughout the year.

But this won’t come on its own. Pruning in May is a golden ticket to reblooming, so don’t miss this chance!

Heleniums, sedums, coneflowers, and yarrow are just a few perennials that desperately need your immediate attention.

When cutting any of your herbaceous perennials, make sure not to remove more than ⅓

3. Cut Back Your Clematis For A Bloom Boost

The most important thing you should know about pruning clematis is that it mainly depends on which variety you grow.

For instance, if your clematis blooms in early spring it’ll stop flowering in May, and that’s the best time to prune it.

First, decide on which shape and size you want for the plant and then cut it back. After pruning, make sure to water your clematis and add a layer of mulch.

4. Last Call For Lavender Pruning

Any lavender growers out there? I’m sure there are plenty! Those captivating purple blossoms leave everyone speechless. Not to mention the irresistible lavender fragrance.

Well, to get the most out of your lavender, you’ll need to prune it before May ends. Cutting it back to no more than a third will encourage more blossoms and healthier growth.

Your priority should be to remove the top of the stems where your lavender appears leggy. I love pruning lavender this way because I get that fascinating round shape.

So, if you’re a proud parent of any of the plants above, you know what to do in the last days of May. Grab your pruners, embrace the opportunity, and watch your plants flourish like never before!