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Cure Tomatoes And Get Rid Of Purple Leaves With These 5 Tips

Cure Tomatoes And Get Rid Of Purple Leaves With These 5 Tips

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A beautiful morning has dawned, and you went to check your tomatoes but noticed something strange about them… Purple leaves! That’s not good at all. Don’t be fooled by this cute color (like me). I did not take it seriously and my fruits failed.
No worries, there’s a solution to everything! Thanks to these useful tips, I got rid of the annoying disease and managed to recover my little plants. That’s why I want to share this with you, so that you too can enjoy homemade tomatoes (I’m a real hero)!

Intrigued? Okay, drumroll please! Here comes some tomato knowledge that you can use even if you’re just at the beginning of your gardening journey!

#1 Create A Shelter From The Sun

Too much sun is not good for growing tomatoes. I found a good place in my garden for my little babies. They had enough light, but there was also shade where they could rest. This one trick helped me a lot. 

Just take some light fabric and cover the tomatoes with it. It will be like a parasol for them (cool, right?). Your veggies will get enough heat and won’t burn.

#2 Keep Tomatoes Warm And Cozy

Veggies love heat. If you see purple leaves, it means that the soil temperature has dropped. But there is a solution for that too. Cover them with plastic so the sun can reach the tomatoes. 

The plastic will act as an insulator and retain the necessary heat. Tomatoes will feel like they are in a sauna and definitely enjoy it! You can even add compost because it will further increase the temperature.

#3 Give The Poor Little Guys A Haircut

Sometimes it is necessary to cut the leaves, especially if they are purple. If you remove them, you can prevent the spread of this disease to other fruits and help your plant fully recover. I felt like a hairdresser the first time I did this. 

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Sometimes there is no need to shorten the leaves too much, so you can just cut off a small part with scissors if you see that the purple color has appeared.

#4 Don’t Allow The ‘Bad Guys’ To Destroy The Fruit

Insects can contribute to the development of purple leaves. You read that right, but I have an interesting solution for you. You need superheroes to defeat these bad guys. 

With the help of ladybugs and bees (guardian angels), I managed to get rid of the annoying insects that were attacking my fruits. Here you can check how to attract beneficial insects to your garden and ensure the peaceful growth of your vegetables.

#5 Containers Can Be a Real Lifesaver

Provide your vegetables with a better home. In other words, get a container! I bought one a couple of years ago, and it helped me a lot. When I moved the tomatoes to the container, they were no longer sick.

You will protect them from harmful insects and prevent them freezing! 

Here’s Why You’re Getting Purple Leaves

Wondering what you did wrong? Lets see what can cause your tomatoes to become infected.

  • The cause could be a lack of potassium, which is crucial for fruit growth. You should obtain a fertilizer that contains potassium as soon as possible to assist your plants.
  • Just like we can get viral infections and become sick, your plants can also become infected. These infections are often transmitted by small insects.
  • A lack of nutrients, such as magnesium, can contribute to the development of diseases in plants.
  • Make sure that the plant gets enough water because excessive watering can cause problems.


Yes, everything I listed can be the cause. Don’t worry, things like this can happen to a professional gardener too. It is important that you know what the actual causes are. This disease is much easier to cure than it seems (phew)! 

I know you can’t wait to try these methods! With these tips you will have the best tomatoes ever. You will no longer be stressed when you plant because you have everything you need to make it easier for yourself. All that’s left is to take action!