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Attracting Hummingbirds To Your Garden With Chocolate Cosmos Has Never Been Easier

Attracting Hummingbirds To Your Garden With Chocolate Cosmos Has Never Been Easier

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I bet you’re as big a fan of hummingbirds as I am! Wouldn’t it be relaxing to wake up early in the morning, make an espresso, and enjoy the sounds of these superstars?

I’ve always been fascinated by their magical melodies. Growing flowers and welcoming our little guests feels like stepping into Wonderland, just like Alice.

I kept wondering how to keep these excellent singers around all season so I could enjoy their amazing summer hits. And guess what? I managed to do it with the help of dreamy Chocolate Cosmos!

This Dynamic Duo Make The Perfect Blend Of Flora And Fauna, And Here’s Why

Imagine having your favorite chocolate every day. Wouldn’t that be great?

Well, these birds get to enjoy cosmos nectar. It’s like their yummy treat.

That’s why hummingbirds not only love this plant, but they are absolutely and undoubtedly crazy about it! 

What these little guys do is stick their small beaks (which resemble microscopic tiny straws) into the flower to suck on the nectar juice.

Hummingbirds also love its chocolate color. They’re always ready to pause mid-flight to conduct their own research! 

You can see numerous slow-motion videos showcasing these birds hovering in the air like teeny-tiny helicopters! Boy, that must take a lot of strength and energy, am I right?

And This Is How You Grow It

Cosmos is truly a plant that is easy to grow and maintain. 

Follow these steps if you want to become a real expert (just like me)!

  • First and foremost, buy seeds and plant them in a sunny place. Cosmos like to sunbathe all summer and get some color (they don’t need a tanning bed).
  • Be sure to water the flower. This is only to get the growing process started. Later, your watering procedure will reduce because the cosmos aren’t that thirsty.
  • Fertilize it and watch it grow bigger than you! They can grow up to 2 meters tall. With such height, nothing can escape them in the neighborhood. They have eyes everywhere.
  • I have a secret I want to share with you. Once you buy seeds, you won’t need them again. Simply cut off half of the flower with gardening shears, and the other half will start growing immediately. In other words, you’ll only need the seeds once!

I’ve been using this method for years, and a new flower always blooms. If you follow these steps, you’ll be able to enjoy the whole summer with your little cocoa.

Find Out Who Else Is In Love With Cosmos

Cosmos flowers will throw a party in your garden with their friends. And guess who’s the star performer?

It has to be the hummingbirds because, after all, they’re the ones who can sing! Don’t be a party pooper.

Bees And Butterflies Are Obsessed With The Cosmos’ Mocha Color

Cosmos are a real magnet for bees and butterflies. To them, the nectar from this flower is like a cocktail to us, a true summer refreshment. The plant allows them to transfer pollen from flower to flower, which enables the pollination of other seeds.

Cosmos flowers provide the butterfly with the fuel it needs to fly. Planting cosmos will give these cuties a red carpet.

Next time you see a bee buzzing around a cosmos flower, be happy. You aren’t just helping a single bee get a snack. You are improving our whole ecosystem (you’ll be a real hero). 

Cosmos Will Attract Hard Working Insects, Too

The color of this flower seems to signal insects that there’s food right there, which is why they love it. By planting these flowers, you’ll also be helping out our little insect friends, supporting their vital functions.

The leaves provide them with delicious food. Oh, and ladybugs are absolutely obsessed with it. Who wouldn’t want to see a ladybug? They bring happiness, after all!

One Last Tip – Make Sure You Have Enough Flowers To Avoid Bird Fights

Hummingbirds are real drama queens. You don’t want a real reality show in your garden, because hummingbirds are territorial birds and want to have enough cosmos for themselves. 

They are like chihuahuas in the bird world – cute, small, but also angry. So, make sure you don’t lack cosmos for each and every one of them.

The more, the better! You don’t want them fighting over food, believe me. It could turn your garden into a real battleground!

Why would anyone wait? Grab your gardening gloves, sharpen your shovel, and get into gardening action. These yummy smelling flowers will truly bring happiness and music to any garden you place them in. 

You just need to plant cosmos and enjoy them with your tiny company of chocolate obsessed beings.

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