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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Reuse Old Tires As Garden Planters 

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Reuse Old Tires As Garden Planters 

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Repurposing old items in the garden is something that we’ve all been doing for some time now – using an old hose as a plant trellis or flipping a tree stump into a bird bath are some of the examples. 

However, there’s one thing that you should skip upcycling, and that is old tires. 

Although reusing old tires as garden planters may seem like an environmentally friendly and resourceful option, it’s crucial to take into consideration the potential downsides. 

While old tires can be repurposed for various uses in the garden, they pose a risk to both your plant life and your health. As they slowly break down, the chemicals can contaminate the soil, which leads to even more issues! 

Let’s dive further into this concept and help gardeners make informed decisions about sustainable and safe gardening practices. 

Why Tire Planters Are Not Good

Tires are primarily made out of rubber, but they contain other substances like sulfur, zinc, and aluminum, while some also contain heavy metals like lead. Additionally, they are coated with accelerator chemicals used in the manufacturing process. 

Over time, these components naturally break down and leach into the soil or surrounding vegetation. 

So, when you are using tires as planters, these contaminants can find their way into the food you grow. Furthermore, these chemicals can transfer to your skin through frequent contact when gardening or through inhalation of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). 

These dangerous compounds are released from certain products like cans of paint or rubber tires. Constant exposure to these compounds can negatively impact your health. 

For instance, benzopyrene, commonly associated with the distinct new tire odor, has also been associated with cancer. 

This study conducted by researchers shows that prolonged exposure to tire wear particles can harm the heart and lungs, elevate the risk of cancer, and lead to developmental and reproductive issues.

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What To Use Instead 

There are plenty of other old items that you can repurpose into raised beds or planters. For instance, leftover stone or brick from reconstruction projects can be saved and used for raised beds or small planters. 

Most folks try to get rid of them online, so keep checking Facebook Marketplace to see if anyone’s selling! 

You can also give new life to old containers you’re unsure how to use. Repurpose items such as woven baskets or old bird baths into sizable planters, or transform broken wheelbarrows or old crates. 

Consider using jars, pails, old teapots, or anything similar as small planters. Make sure that the items are not made out of rubber or any other material that can potentially harm you or your plants. 

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