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5 Common Spartan Mower Problems And How To Fix Them

5 Common Spartan Mower Problems And How To Fix Them

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Spring is just around the corner, and soon the grass is going to start growing really quickly. At this time of year, a lawnmower becomes a necessity for homeowners with large backyards.

The grass may be greener, but has it been cut properly?

If you are looking for a new mower, you should consider the Spartan mower – they are quite popular these days.

Read on to discover the common issues found with this mower, as well as how to solve them.

Let’s get started.

About The Spartan Mower

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The Spartan zero-turn mower is efficient and easier to use than most of its competitors. You sit in a comfortable seat and enjoy a smooth ride while mowing your lawn!

One of the best features of the spartan mower is its revolutionary braking system and adjustable cutting blades, which makes it easy to use around obstructions and obstacles in your garden.

There are three models available: the RT series, RZ series, and Spartan SRT series. The SRT-HD (heavy-duty) model is best for cutting hardcore grass, while the SRT XD Kawasaki model is much more powerful and also faster.

If you live in Florida, then you might check these grass types in Florida and find the best one to test your Spartan mower.

The Spartan RT Pro Kohler model is their newest commercial mower, known for its low price and high speed!

You can take a look at the newest models in 2022 right here.

Common Problems With Spartan Mowers

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Based on their name, you would think these mowers are indestructible and problem-free. Sadly, this isn’t true.

Many Spartan owners have complained about issues with their mower, and you can read about the most common ones below to help you decide whether or not you should buy a Spartan mower of your own.

1. Difficult to maneuver

Although you can now drive mowers like tractors, they can be really difficult to maneuver. This problem arises when you are cutting roots at elevation.

The mower blades can be damaged and the wheels can get stuck in the roots, so it would be best to avoid cutting tree roots.

2. Starting problems

A weak or dead battery, disrupted air filter, dirty spark plug, faulty wiring, leaky fuel tank… these are all things that can cause starting problems. This really depends on the age of the mower, as well as the condition it’s in.

3. Uneven cut

Spartan owners have often complained about their mowers leaving an uneven cut. There are several factors which contribute to this problem.

If this happens to you, you should check the tire pressure, sharpen the blades, and/or replace the keypad battery. Sometimes an issue might occur if you don’t keep the mower deck neat and clean.

4. Can be too loud

The manufacturers of Spartan mowers swear by having excellent noise insulation, and this is true – until it’s not!

They can produce loud noises, which usually indicate something is wrong. For instance, blades can loosen over time and start making loud, tapping sounds.

5. Replacement parts are expensive

You have already spent so much money on your new mower, and now you have to pay for additional parts? Yeah, that can be really annoying.

These replacement parts are expensive because they are rare, and faulty parts can only be replaced with originals.

Parts that often need replacing are control panels and spindles.

Troubleshooting The Common Issues

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You don’t have to go to a repair shop or Spartan Dealer every time you have a problem with your mower; sometimes an issue can be solved by simply cleaning or changing certain parts.

Let’s take a look at the best solutions for your mower problems now. You can also check out these tips for off-season maintenance provided by the manufacturers of the Spartan mowers.

1. Restore gas

If you do not change the old gas from last mowing season, you might have issues with starting your mower.

2. Replace the fuel filter

Broken or clogged fuel filters might also be a reason you are unable to start your lawnmower. You can go to a repair shop and have them replace the fuel filter, or you can do it yourself!

Replacing the fuel filter is quite simple if you are familiar with the parts – just make sure that it reaches the engine again. Before using the mower after a filter change, tap on the carburator’s side to establish gas flow.

Cleaning is done by disconnecting the filter and cleaning it with a good cleaner.

3. Check tire pressure

Before using your lawnmower, make sure that the air pressure is the same in both tires. You won’t get a clean cut if one of your tires is slightly deflated.

4. Check the air filter

Clogged air filters may cause issues when starting your mower, mainly because the fuel might burn less effectively than before.

The principle behind cleaning or changing the air filter is similar to that of a fuel filter – disconnect the wires, remove the filter, and investigate whether the filter should be cleaned or changed.

To clean the filter properly, you can wash it in warm water with soap and leave it to dry before putting it back into the mower.

5. Clean the cutting deck

The cutting deck is a crucial part of any mower and it should be cleaned after every use. Each time you mow your lawn, little grass clippings can stick to the deck, which eventually leads to the corrosion of metal.

No mower can produce a clean cut with a corroded deck!

Another reason you should immediately remove these little clippings, is that they can prevent proper ventilation by clogging the discharge tube.

So, you should collect these little grass clippings and use them as mulch in gardening.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is The Warranty On a Spartan mower?

The warranty on a Spartan mower is usually 3 years. This includes a full warranty – engine, control panel, deck, and hydraulic drive.

What Is The Best Way to Store a Spartan Lawn Mower?

The mowing season is now over, and you don’t need your Spartan mower anymore, so where should you store it?

You shouldn’t leave your expensive lawnmower out in the rain, that’s for sure. Stray animals can also hide in the mower looking for shelter, and may disrupt the components and cause permanent damage.

Store it somewhere dry and safe, like a garage or a shed, and you can also use covers for additional protection. Lubricate the parts that may rot.

Indeed BUY Riding Lawn Mower Cover


• resistant to water

• weatherproof

• provides full protection

• easy to store

• customer review 4.6/5

There are also certain things that can be done before storing, such as sharpening the blades and charging the batteries so everything is ready for the next season.

Just remember this classic quote: “Fall is falling, the temps are lower – Don’t forget to store the mower!”.

What Is The Difference Between a Spartan And a Bad Boy?

John Deere, Hustler, Bad Boy, Spartan… these are all different brands of lawnmowers. However, Bad Boy and Spartan often get mistaken for one another.

But this is not a coincidence!

The story is that there is a feud between the owners – the owner of Spartan was a partner in Bad Boy. He claimed that he actually designed the Bad Boy, sued the company and won – although the owner of Bad Boy claimed that he had assigned all the rights to Bad Boy company.

Spartan is now a big and successful company, all thanks to its owner – Rober Foster.

Final thoughts

No matter which mower you choose to buy, there is no perfect option – they all have their own problems. This is why it makes sense to pick a mower that is comfortable to drive, easy to operate, and saves both time and money.

The major issue with a Spartan mower is starting it after it hasn’t been used for a while, which can be easily resolved by checking the fuel and air filters, charging the batteries, and cleaning the spark plug.

These aren’t huge problems though, because you get a warranty for three years – so if any of these problems appear during this period, Spartan mechanics solve them for you.

Until next time!

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