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Style Your Garden With These Attractive Flowers That Will Bloom All Summer Long

Style Your Garden With These Attractive Flowers That Will Bloom All Summer Long

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There’s no better feeling than waking up early in the morning at the beginning of summer. Others would probably plan a trip to the beach or the pool. Hardworking gardeners, on the other hand, only have flower planting on their mind! You can relate to this one, right?

What else is there to grow besides flowers that love the sun! There’s nothing better than making your garden a colorful paradise and enjoying the view every day.

Let’s check out these eye-catching flowers that can’t wait to settle down in your garden! They are summer plants and will bloom throughout the entire sunny season. You’re gonna love them!

#1 Meet Clematis, Queens Of Flowering Vines

If you want a ‘wow’ scene in your garden, then a Clematis will be an excellent choice! With their beautiful appearance, they truly deserve the title of queen!

Credit: Pinterest

You can find them in pastel colors like blue, lilac, and pink. Last year, I planted lilac ones. They stole the spotlight in my garden and owned the stage all summer, shining like true superstars!

You will need a trellis for them as they will grow proudly tall. You will be thrilled when you see them happily blooming in the garden.

They require at least six hours of full sun. It would be best to place them in a part of the garden that receives the most sunlight. If you don’t have space for planting on trellises, you can successfully grow clematis in pots.

#2 No Matter What, Black-Eyed Susans Will Bloom Unbothered In Your Yard

That’s right! Black-eyed Susans will bloom in your garden without any complications. They are drought-resistant. This can mean only one thing! You’ll need to plant them where they will have up to eight hours of sunlight. 


Pests won’t bother them, not even deer, because they are resistant to them too. You won’t need to spend money on expensive products for your flowers to have healthy growth.

They have a beautiful yellow color with a black center. Plant as many as you can to have some flowers for making bouquets. You can surprise your loved ones, and with these blossoms, you’ll knock them off their feet!

#3 Plant Zinnias And Watch Them Grow At Lightning Speed

Zinnias would win every flower competition for growth. If you grow them from seeds, it will only take two months for them to grow into amazing plants!


Zinnias come in colors like orange, pink, white, yellow, or red. They’ll be a real hit this summer! They can bring pure vibrancy to your garden.

If they get plenty of sun for healthy growth, they will bloom all the way until the first frost. They will probably be the last plants to grace your garden before winter arrives!

#4 Place Mandevilla On The Terrace For A Tropical Look

If you have extra space in your garden, then plant Mandevilla! They also grow well in containers.

Plant them where they will get six hours of sun. If you live in a place with high temperatures, it would be good to provide them with a few hours of shade.


This is one of my all-time favorite flowers. I mostly plant them because of their stunning colors, including red, white, pink, and purple.

Do you know what the best part of growing them is? Their sweet citrusy scent can attract many pollinators like hummingbirds and butterflies. I love seeing these adorable birds flying around the garden and listening to their melodies all day long.

#5 With Hollyhock Lilacs, You Won’t Miss Out On Vintage Vibes

Everyone wants old-fashioned flowers that give a retro look! Hollyhock Lilac can make that wish come true! You can’t imagine how beautiful they look until you try growing them in your garden.

Credit: Pinterest

They come in blue, pink, white, and even black. I know that black hollyhocks sound impossible, but they are actually real!

They are real sun-chasers! This flower will need six hours of sun, so make sure to grant them their biggest wish!

One friendly piece of advice – plant them in hanging baskets! Trust me, hollyhock lilacs will go perfectly with baskets, especially if they are placed close to your front door. Every passerby will adore them! 

So, plant them if you want to hear your neighbors talk about how beautiful your front yard looks!

Now you face a tough choice because all five flowers look fantastic. You could be like me and plant them all at once! I couldn’t decide, but now I have the most beautiful garden in the entire neighborhood! Wouldn’t you like to have gorgeous flowers blooming all summer too? 

You’ve seen that they’re not difficult to maintain at all since they’re all sun-loving plants. So, make room for your beautiful new flowers!

Let the summer planting begin!