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This Garden Pest Might Stop Your Pumpkins From Growing

This Garden Pest Might Stop Your Pumpkins From Growing

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Although there’s not much fuss when it comes to growing pumpkins on your own, you should still keep an eye out for certain pests that might stunt pumpkin growth. 

Besides aphids and beetles, the most common intruder in pumpkin patches is the garden mouse. These adorable critters can cause serious harm to your pumpkins even before they grow and mature!

Deer and white-footed mice are the types of mice that specifically target pumpkins – mice eat the seeds of pumpkins because they provide them with ample energy. 

In this article, we are going to share some tips on how to get rid of mice naturally and save your pumpkin patch. Let’s keep your garden thriving and pumpkins alive!

How To Naturally Keep The Mice Away

Don’t worry, you don’t have to go and buy rat poison if you spot mice in your pumpkin patch. Avoid using pesticides if you can fix your issue the natural way. 

Take into consideration that animals hate visiting unfamiliar places. So, without harming the plant, you can change the pumpkin setup to ward off hungry mice by simply applying petroleum jelly. 

Mice will notice that something’s not right and go around your pumpkin patch. You can also try covering your pumpkins with a layer of spicy chili flakes to deter them. 

These rodents usually stay in sheds and under shrubs or patios – see if there are any nests in these locations and flush them out with high-pressure water.

Remember that these are rodents and that means they can carry diseases. All it takes for someone to get sick from them is for them to gnaw on your plants or defecate in your garden.

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Consider Using A Rodent-proof Structure Around Your Pumpkins

If you don’t manage to get rid of mice naturally, there are other options. Before seeking out chemical control, you can try building a bite-proof fence around your garden – don’t forget that mice are great chewers! 

Place poles or garden pots around the pumpkin patch’s edge, then wrap it with a strong and lengthy mesh fence to prevent any mice from entering. Since they are also skilled burrowers, ensure the fencing you install is buried about 18 inches deep. 

Although some web sources suggest using essential oils and peppermint scents to keep mice away from your pumpkin patch, there isn’t enough proof to support this claim. Dropping moth balls or camphor balls in an open garden may not have much of an impact on mice.

I would suggest you hire a professional pest control company to perform an analysis and recommend the best course of action if everything else fails. 

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