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Here’s The Lawn Care Mistake That’s Bringing All Those Snakes To Your Yard

Here’s The Lawn Care Mistake That’s Bringing All Those Snakes To Your Yard

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Nothing scares me more than the thought of a snake in my yard! But, luckily, there are numerous DIY methods for repelling these creatures from outdoor spaces. 

And it’s completely normal for parents or pet owners to try each and every one of them. 

But there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, and that’s that we should focus more on what attracts these reptiles to our yards.

In this article, I’ll show you the lawn care mistake that’s bringing all those snakes to your yard.

Let’s see!

The Main Culprit For Snakes In Your Yard

There’s one word that gardeners are probably scared of just as much as they’re scared of snakes: overwatering! Believe it or not, an overwatered lawn seems like a perfect home for the snakes to settle in. 

Watering is a crucial factor in lawn maintenance and, if we mess it up, many issues will occur.

Unfortunately, it’s too easy to overwater your lawn whether you leave the sprinkler on during the rain or keep watering that same patch of grass.

It may take a long time for the grass and soil to dry out entirely, and things get even worse if we keep adding water. 

Why Do Snakes Like Overwatered Lawns?

Many people believe that snakes don’t need a lot of water to survive. They may not need it as much as other common animals, but they can’t live without it completely. 

They still need sufficient amounts of water to regulate their body temperature and support their metabolism.

Snakes will look for areas where they can easily access water. If your yard has standing water or is excessively soggy, it’s a perfect environment for snakes.

There’s another more probable reason why snakes like overwatered lawns. Small creatures, such as frogs, mice, and various bugs, like wet conditions and will pay a visit to your yard if they’re present. (1)

Since snakes see these creatures as prey, they’ll be glad to inhabit your yard for a free meal.  

If you have some bird baths installed in your yard and these lovely animals use them, you may find some snakes around. 

Other things that can draw snakes to your yard are water features, such as ponds and water fountains. Remember, they may not attract snakes directly but the frogs and mice definitely will. 

How To Fix An Overly Wet Yard

If the reason for snakes in your yard is too much water, there are a few steps you need to take. 

First, you need to remove the water features from your property; this method will cut the water supply for animals the snakes feed on. 

Then, you should check the soil moisture content in your lawn or flower beds. The problem may be in the automatic sprinkler system; if you’re using one, wait until it finishes watering. 

If some parts of your yard are waterlogged, check if more than two sprinkler heads are irrigating one spot. You’ll need to contact professionals to move the excess sprinkler heads to another location in your yard. 

Do the same check after it rains; if there are some puddles or standing water on your grass after rain, you need to fill them in.

Flower beds and veggie gardens may attract slugs and worms if overwatered, and that’s another reason for snakes to visit.

Rememberat th the key lies in ensuring enough moisture for your plants without waterlogging the soil. If you have difficulties determining the soil moisture content, I highly recommend investing in a moisture meter

It doesn’t cost much and will help you avoid overwatering and snakes!

Keeping your lawn well-maintained is the easiest way to avoid any issues, including snakes. And don’t forget to add some snake-repelling plants for added security!


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