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9 Things In Your Yard That Attract Snakes

9 Things In Your Yard That Attract Snakes

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We all want our yards to look their absolute best, which is why we fill them with shrubs, decorations, and alluring plants. However, all of these things can create a welcoming environment for many unwanted guests, including slithering creatures. 

I believe that most gardeners don’t want to have snake-filled gardens (I know that I don’t), so it’s necessary to create a less appealing environment for them. 

In this article, we are going to talk about things in your yard that attract snakes. So, if you want to get rid of snakes, you should get rid of a couple of things from your yard! 

1. Woodpiles & Lumber

Stacks of firewood or lumber provide cozy hiding spots for snakes, offering them protection from predators and unfavorable weather conditions.

Additionally, these also attract small rodents, insects, and other prey that snakes feed on. 

So, if you live in a region with colder weather where keeping plenty of logs in your yard is necessary, you should consider keeping them elevated on racks and away from the walls of your home – that is, if you don’t want snakes crawling around! 

2. Vegetable Gardens

Snakes probably won’t end up eating your cucumbers and peppers, but they are lured into your garden because of numerous insects and small animals that feed on your veggies. Snakes may also seek shelter under the leaves of plants or in garden mulch. 

To repel snakes, you should harvest ripe crops, pick up fallen fruit, and overall keep the area well-maintained and clean. You can also grow some snake-repellent plants

3. Elevated Decks

Elevated decks and porches can create ideal nesting spots for snakes because they are dark and damp, and ultimately offer shelter from predators. Plus, the soil beneath is filled with snakes’ favorite insects. 

Gaps or openings under the deck can also provide easy access for snakes to enter. Regularly inspect and seal any gaps or spaces under the deck to prevent snakes from using it as a hiding spot.

Remember to also check the gaps between sheds and other outdoor buildings, too. 

4. Tire Swings

Tire swings, seemingly harmless objects in your yard, can create cozy hiding spots for snakes – especially if they have been left undisturbed for a long period of time. 

This is because the hollow interior of tires collects rain that keeps the snakes hydrated. This is also the case with swings, slides, and other toys that can be found on the ground. 

To prevent snakes from using tire swings as hiding spots, consider regularly checking and shaking the tire before use. To allow the water to drain out, you can also drill holes in the bottom of the tire.

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5. Bird Feeders

If you want to have a garden filled with birds, then keeping bird feeders around is necessary. However, other creatures might also pay them a visit – small rodents and insects often come to eat the food. 

Unfortunately, snakes will also come to eat their food, which is small rodents and insects! So, if you own a bird feeder, you will most likely attract other critters to your yard. 

I keep my Bluebird feeder away from my home and regularly clean the fallen seeds – so far I haven’t seen any snakes. I would also recommend you to keep them filled during the winter because this is when birds need it the most, and snakes are nowhere to be found! 

6. Stone Walls & Rock Gardens

Stone walls and rock gardens provide crevices and spaces that snakes can use as potential shelter. Rock garden plants also provide good hiding spots for snakes. 

You might consider redecorating your yard or inspect stone walls for gaps and fill them to keep snakes away. 

7. Water Features

Water features such as ponds, fountains, and birdbaths can be attractive to snakes for several reasons – first of all, they provide a reliable source of water for all the thirsty snakes out there. 

Frogs, insects, and other small animals are also attracted to the water, and all of them serve as delicious food for snakes. 

Keep these water features away from your home and consider placing mesh or screens over openings to prevent access to the water.

8. Garden Hose

If you can’t decide whether to use a sprinkler or a hose for watering your plants, this might change your mind – garden hoses create great hiding spots for snakes. 

Besides coiling up in the warm and dark hose, snakes also enjoy the standing water that can be created by leaking or dripping hoses.

Fix any leaking pipes and consider storing hoses properly on hose reels or elevated ground.

9. Pet Food 

Leaving out pet food in your yard can be a bad idea. While snakes won’t feed on dog granules, they will prey on rodents and insects that are attracted to pet food. So avoid leaving pet food outside and store it in sealed containers indoors! 

Remember to regularly inspect your yard for potential hiding spots, seal openings and gaps, and also keep your yard nice and clean.