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Become A Lettuce Growing Expert With These Game-Changing Tricks

Become A Lettuce Growing Expert With These Game-Changing Tricks

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Rise and shine!

I’m sure your favorite summer treat is probably ice cream, but salads are healthy and delicious! I used to buy salads every day, but I recently noticed that store-bought salad wasn’t as fresh as what I picked straight from the garden. Nothing can compare to homegrown. 

That’s why I came up with the idea of trying to grow lettuce myself!

I can tell you that this veggie is perfect for beginners. Get ready for crunchy lettuce that will grow like crazy in your garden!

Follow These Steps To Get Crispy Lettuce

So, let’s see the checklist. You will need a gardening shovel, a bucket of water, and some enthusiasm! Now, you’ll be ready to dive into the world of lettuce and learn how to grow it. Let’s go!

  • Don’t let your lettuce get burned! This veggie enjoys the sun because it helps with photosynthesis. That can only lead to a better taste and crispier lettuce!

Lettuce can be a very sensitive veggie when it comes to high temperatures in summer. So, you’ll have to provide it with some shade. Using cloth is the best way to cover the plants so they won’t get burned.

  • Be careful with watering. If you see the leaves sadly falling down to the ground, it means that you haven’t watered the lettuce properly. On the other hand, if you notice yellow leaves, then you have overdone it.

The best option is to give your lettuce a cold drink every two days. Remember, the soil must not be dry!

  • Grow them in well-drained soil. Lettuce likes soil that is slightly acidic, approximately 6.0 to 6.5 pH. You can check it with a soil tester. Add some compost to the soil because that will help the veggies grow successfully!
  • Be careful when cutting the leaves. If you notice that the leaves are withered, it’s time to give your plant a trim. 

Never cut the center of the lettuce because the central part is the best! So, take your shovel and cut everything except the middle part.

  • Keep an eye on pests! Aphids, caterpillars, and thrips will enjoy your lettuce. If you spot some silver dots, it’s a sign that they have already eaten too much of the green leaves. 

You can drive them away with insecticides or by spraying the leaves with strong water pressure.

Hey, don’t be surprised if you see a rabbit nibbling on your lettuce. It can be a really cute scene, but it can leave you without a salad. The best solution is to fence off the flower bed so that rabbits cannot get to them.

Get Ready, It’s Harvest Time

In just one month in the garden, you will see your veggies turning green! It would be best to harvest early in the morning. Set the alarm, prepare your morning coffee, and go straight into action. 

If you are wondering why this is the best time, the answer lies in the heat during the day, which can cause leaves to wilt and even sunburn. After harvesting, wash them well and make that salad that you’ve been craving all day! It’s best when eaten fresh from the garden. 

You’ll be able to enjoy the healthy taste all season long! Isn’t that great? There’s no need to buy salad everyday when you can make your own fresh one at home.

Folks, I think you’re ready now! It’s time to add new veggies to your garden. Trust me, once you see how easy it really is, you’ll be planting lettuce every year. 

Good luck!