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Watch Out For These 4 Mistakes When Growing Lavender

Watch Out For These 4 Mistakes When Growing Lavender

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Hey there, plant whisperers! 

What better plant to choose this season than lavender? These beauties are guests in my garden every year, but I must tell you that it’s really challenging to grow them. Trust me, I learned that the hard way!

After days of investigation, I finally discovered where I was making mistakes. It was worth the effort because now my lavender is growing flawlessly. If you want your lavender to thrive too, just make sure to avoid these common growing mistakes! 

Let’s take a look.

#1 Shade Is Lavender’s Worst Enemy

Most flowers like shade, but this beauty is definitely not one of them. The worst thing you can do for your lavender is plant it in the shade! Lavender doesn’t like it and will even start to rot without the sun

What you actually have to do is plant it in a spot that has a lot of direct light and is in the sun’s reach at least 8 hours a day. If you plant them in the shade, your garden won’t get their magnificent scent.

Knowing this, you can now avoid a simple rookie mistake and help your little purple plant.

#2 These Cuties Aren’t Fans Of Bathing

If you start to notice that your lavender is slowly becoming brown and kind of sad, you might be tempted to start watering it more and more so it’s not thirsty… But that’s a huge mistake! Too much water can overwhelm your plants and dry their roots to dust.

This plant needs a minimal amount of watering because it’s actually quite resistant to drought. If you just planted recently, it’s enough to give it a cold drink once every seven days!

#3 Lavender Needs Protection From Annoying Pests

Lavender is resistant to pests to a certain extent, but not immune to different pesticides.

Their arch enemies, aphids and whiteflies, are just a few of the bugs that leach under their leaves and suck out all the juice from your poor plant. 

That will make them dry out and turn a sad color. You can always use insecticides and get rid of them so the lavender can grow in peace!

There is another pest that likes to nibble on our buddy, and it’s called the four-lined plant bug. They can’t resist eating new stems and leaves, which reduces the amount of flowers.

#4 Make Sure That You Don’t Give Your Flowers A Bad Haircut

Let’s be honest, nobody wants a bad haircut. If your plant has old branches, you shouldn’t cut them too much

You will have to give it a cut every year, so the best thing would be to get gardening shears. When you give it a trim make sure to leave some green stems. By doing this, you will excel the growth of their new flowers!

That’s it for today, folks! I hope you’ve learned a lot. Trust me, my flowers have never grown better thanks to these amazing tricks. So next time, before you plant lavender, just bear in mind everything you’ve learned today!