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These Clever Tricks Will Make It Easy To Grow The Tastiest Basil In Pots

These Clever Tricks Will Make It Easy To Grow The Tastiest Basil In Pots

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It’s time for you to meet the king of the herbs – basil! If you have never grown this spice, I think this is the great opportunity to finally do it. And even if you don’t have garden space, your terrace will be ideal! 

With just a few steps from the kitchen to your spices, it’s perfect for those busy cooking moments! I think basil has been praised enough, now it’s time to jump into action. Let’s see what you need to do to grow this delicious herb!

#1 The First Thing Is To Choose The Right Pot

This is the most important step because you need to create a nice, cozy vibe for your herbs. The pots should be deep enough to allow plenty of space for the roots. They prefer room to grow without feeling crowded, so buying the right one is crucial!

Source: Reddit

Choose pots that are nine to fifteen inches deep and twelve to seventeen inches wide. Basil is a rapid-growing plant, and if you choose pots of this kind, your plants will grow healthy. Your herbs won’t disappoint you because there will be enough delicious green leaves for everyone.

#2 Basil Adores The Sun

Place the pots in a sunny part of your garden where they will receive up to eight hours of sunlight. If you’re growing basil at home, a sunny window works perfectly

I’ve grown basil this way for years without any issues, and it has always beautifully decorated my space. When friends come over, they’re always fascinated by the basil. This herb will definitely steal the spotlight!

Source: Reddit

If you want your basil to ripen as soon as possible, plant it immediately after the first frost, especially if you live in regions where summers are unbearable.

#3 Your Herbs Are Thirsty, Too

These herbs love water and moist soil. Still, you have to be careful when it comes to watering. Basil grown in the garden will dry out faster than if it’s grown indoors. It’s enough to give them a fresh drink at least once a week.

If you notice the soil is dry, you can water them more often. Check on your herbs every couple of days just to make sure that they aren’t thirsty!

#4 Don’t Let Pests Hurt Your Poor Basil

Pesticides will always be a part of your gardening journey, right? But that’s why growing basil in pots will help you mostly avoid them! Don’t relax too much, though! You still have to monitor your plants daily to make sure that pests aren’t present.

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If you notice that your basil is growing slowly, it may be due to aphids, Japanese beetles, or caterpillars enjoying a good meal. These pests feed on the plant’s juices and lay eggs on the leaves. Insecticides have proven to be effective heroes in driving away these pests. 

#5 Try Companion Planting With Basil’s Besties

Did you know that basil adores the company of other plants? These herbs go hand in hand with tomatoes, peppers, carrots, and asparagus.

Just imagine how cute they’ll look growing together. Making pizza will be much easier because all your ingredients will be in one place! No more running around the garden trying to find every veggie.

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When I heard about this, I immediately tried planting them with peppers. I was surprised because they got along very well. If you enjoy different types of veggies, you’ve got nothing to lose, so give it a try!

Folks, you’d better have already added some amazing pots to your shopping list! Thanks to these tricks, your basil will grow like never before. 

Enjoy delicious herbs all season long and even freeze them for a winter surprise in soups! That’s all for today. I hope you’ve noted down all the steps and will put them into action soon!