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Follow These Easy Tips To Transform Your Sunny Garden With Eye-Catching Containers

Follow These Easy Tips To Transform Your Sunny Garden With Eye-Catching Containers

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Wake up, everyone! 

The sun has finally come out, and it’s time to set up containers and plant your favorite summer flowers. It took me forever to dust off mine because I haven’t used them all winter, but I’ve decided to fill my garden with these beauties again.

There’s no need for panic, folks. I didn’t even know which containers to choose or which blossoms to plant the first time. That’s why, with the help of these simple steps, you can transform your garden and make it the most beautiful one in the entire neighborhood! 

This will be a piece of cake for you, so let’s get ready for some new gardening adventures!

#1 Be Careful And Choose The Right Containers

You’re probably wondering why you should be careful when choosing. There’s one catch! It wouldn’t be a good option to use either plastic hanging containers without UV protection or metal ones. 

They can become very hot to the touch, causing burns and even damaging the plants’ roots. This could be a serious issue, especially if you have little ones who are curious and could accidentally burn themselves.

The best choice would be fiberglass containers as they fit perfectly in your garden. They help the plants retain the water they need, so you won’t have to run around from one side of your garden to the other to water them.

They are also easy to move around, making them ideal for people with back problems, just like me! Do your shopping as soon as possible so you can enjoy the perfect view all season long!

#2 Prepare Yourself, It’s Planting Time

It’s finally time for your favorite part! You will need to plant flowers that love blooming in full sun. You can try growing beauties such as petunias, verbena, gomphrena, and dahlias.

I enjoy playing with colors and combining them. That’s why these blossoms are my favorites for planting in containers. These cuties will make your garden look straight out of a fairy tale with their cottage vibes!

Place the dry soil in the containers, then plant the flowers you choose, water them, and that’s all the work you need to do. You can also sprinkle them with fertilizer. This will give your plants all the necessary nutrients for healthy growth!

Besides the flawless view you’ll get, the blossoms will attract many pollinators to your garden. You will be able to see butterflies and bees flying happily around your plants. Isn’t that beautiful?

#3 Sneak Some Of These Tasty Herbs Into Your Containers

I can’t help but mention the delicious herbs you can grow in containers. You can plant lemongrass, basil, parsley, and mint.

Just imagine the scent that will waft through your garden. Everyone will be amazed by your spices, trust me!

You can use them to make teas that are excellent for your health, add herbs to your favorite recipes, or prepare fresh summer cocktails. Choosing herbs means you won’t need to visit the store daily because they’ll be just a few feet away in your containers!

If you’re a huge herb-lover like me, then you should definitely give them a try!

Place the containers in the garden and let them shine with their beauty. This is a perfect opportunity to use the empty space in your garden and transform it in the best way possible. 

These plants will complement the containers, giving them that summer look everyone desires! And that’s exactly what you need this season.

I hope you’ve had a good time and found these easy steps helpful. Now it’s time for shopping and choosing containers. Just don’t be like me, spending two hours deciding in front of the store!