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Get Growing In May With The Top 7 Vegetable Picks For A Bounty Of Homegrown Goodies

Get Growing In May With The Top 7 Vegetable Picks For A Bounty Of Homegrown Goodies

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You might think you are already too late to the gardening game once May arrives, but you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, this is the perfect time to sow those seeds and watch your garden grow.

Trust me, I’ve had my fair share of mishaps and surprises in the garden, but those veggies sown in May? They were the most bountiful in the whole patch! 

Beetroot, carrots, cucumbers, and broccoli are just a few of the vegetables that you can plant in May. Remember, every seed you sow is a promise of future harvests. 

Don’t wait any longer: find out what veggies to sow, get out there, and let your garden dreams take root! 

1. May Is The Perfect Time For Beetroots To Shine 

Most people aren’t fans of beetroot, but me? I absolutely love it; pickled, sliced, or even juiced up, everything goes right in my belly! 

But what I love the most about these root veggies is that they are super resilient. Even if you forget to plant them on time, they won’t mind. 

So, if you are looking for a plant to fill out those empty spaces in the garden, ‘Boltardy’ beetroot is the classic go-to, but you can also opt for the ‘Touchstone gold’ (these varieties grow best when sown in May!). 

Planting beetroot? Easy-peasy. Just pop those seeds in some shallow drills or pots, and voila! But hey, don’t let those pre-sewn beetroot plugs linger too long otherwise they’ll start doing the twist (and we don’t want twisted beetroots). 

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2. Plant Sweetcorn In May For A Corn-tastic Summer Harvest 

I really didn’t think my May-sown sweetcorn was going to make it, but to my surprise, I had those golden ears ready for harvest in no time! 

Here’s what I did from the beginning: I gave those beauties the best start by showing them indoors in a multi-celled tray. And once they were big enough to handle, it was time for them to stretch their legs outside in the garden. 

It’s important to give your sweetcorn plenty of sunshine, a good drink, and a cozy spot in the soil.

Oh, and if you’ve got some sweetcorn seedlings from April, now’s the perfect moment to give them their moment in the sun after a bit of toughening up! 

3. May Your Sprouting Broccoli Sprout In May  

Just like beetroots, sprouting broccoli is not everyone’s favorite; and I don’t understand why – they are robust, nutritious, and oh-so-versatile! You can steam it, boil it, or grill it to perfection. 

Plus, with different varieties, you’ll have a fresh supply from winter to spring. 

Start by sowing those seeds into trays or pots, then give them some room to spread their green wings once they’re ready to plant out.

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4. Cucumbers Thrive In Sunny May Days  

We are used to growing cucumbers in a greenhouse, but guess what? Some newer varieties can handle the great outdoors too! 

Start them off in multi-celled seed trays or individual pots, then give them some space to spread their leaves once they’re big enough to handle. 

Whether it’s under glass or out in the open, cucumbers are ready to thrive. And hey, don’t forget to get them a trellis so that they can climb to the skies! 

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5. Your Carrots Could Use Some May Magic 

Carrots are a breeze to grow from seed, even when planted in May.

You might want to go for the classic orange varieties, but why not add a pop of color with ‘Yellowstone’?

For the best carrot patch ever, sow those seeds into shallow drills in soil that’s been prepped to perfection, free of any pesky stones. If you’re short on space, pots work just as well! 

Remember to keep the soil moist as those tiny seeds work their magic underground. 

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6. Kohlrabi Is May’s Perfect Pick For Your Garden

Kohlrabi isn’t as popular as other root vegetables. I found out about it through my mom, and I was shocked! This oddball veggie may look like it’s from another planet, but trust me, its flavor is out of this world!

After tasting it with sour cream, I realized I had to grow it in my own garden. With May approaching, I doubted it would thrive; but to my delight, it did!

I figured you could treat it like its brassica buddies – sow those seeds and watch them sprout. And when they’re no bigger than a tennis ball, it’s harvest time! 

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7. Courgettes Are Another May Must-Have In The Garden

Courgettes are versatile veggies that thrive wherever they’re planted, no matter if you’re planting them directly in the soil or pampering them in pots. 

For those who got a head start and sowed their courgette seeds last month, it’s time for the transplanting. Make sure those little seedlings are properly hardened before sending them outdoors.

Be on the lookout for slugs and snails as they tend to snack on your courgettes!

Don’t forget to give them their weekly power-up with some nutritious food once they start blooming… and soon, you’ll have to get ready for a bountiful harvesting.  

It’s never too late to start your veggie patch – just pick the right kind of plants that will thrive whenever you put them in the soil, and you’ll be enjoying homegrown goodies in no time!