Habanero Pepper Scoville Ratings



What Is The Habanero Pepper Scoville Scale?


Habanero Peppers Ranked By Scoville Scale

The Scoville Scale represents a measurement of spiciness, or pungency, in hot peppers recorded in SHU (Scoville heat units).


1. Red Savina Habanero

Origin: United States Flavor: Fruity flavor Use: Culinary

2. Chocolate habanero

Origin: Jamaica Flavor: Smokey and fruity Use: Culinary – sauces mainly

SHU: 580,000

SHU: 577,000

3. Yucatan White habanero

Origin: Yucatan Peninsula Flavor: Fruity, sweet Use: Culinary – sauces

4. Devil’s Tongue Red

Origin: United States Flavor: Sweet, fruity Use: Culinary – salsa & powders

SHU: 500,000

SHU: 500,000

5. Caribbean red habanero

Origin: Mexico Flavor: Fruity, smoky, citrusy Use: Culinar

6. White Bullet habanero

Origin: Caribbean Flavor: Fruity, smoky Use: Culinary

SHU: 475,000

SHU: 400,000

7. TigerPaw-NR habanero

Origin: South Carolina Flavor: Sweet, spicy Use: Culinary

8. Peruvian White habanero

Origin: Peru Flavor: Smoky Use: Culinary, ornamental

SHU: 350,000

SHU: 350,000

9. Hot Paper Lanter

Origin: Peru Flavor: Sweet Use: Culinary – mainly salsa and powders

10. Habanero Peach

Origin: Caribbean Flavor: Fruity Use: Culinary – mainly jams

SHU: 350,000

SHU: 350,000

11. Orange Habanero

Origin: South America Flavor: Citrusy Use: Culinary

12. Yellow/Golden habanero

Origin: Mexico Flavor: Sweet, fruity Use: Culinary – powders, ornamental

SHU: 350,000

SHU: 325,000

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