Loam Based Compost: All You Need To Know

To help you understand the various uses of loam-based compost and decide which type to use, let’s define everything relevant and connected to loam-based compost.


This compost is also known as John Innes compost and is made with loam soil and other ingredients such as: • Clay soil • Silt soil • Sandy soil

What is loam based compost?

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Loam soil vs compost

The main difference between this soil and compost is organic matter. Compost is entirely organic, and isn’t soil at all.

Loam soil vs topsoil

Every loam soil is topsoil, but not every topsoil is loam.

Types of loam based compost

• John Innes seed compost

• John Innes compost No.1

• John Innes compost No.2

• John Innes Compost No.3

• Loam Based Ericaceous Compost

Check if you already have loamy soil in your garden. Grass clippings can also make a loam for healthy plant growth. Just turn them upside down until they break down.

How to make loam based compost?

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• Holds nutrients • Water retention • Good drainage • Friable

The benefits of loam based compost

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Pro tip

When you are purchasing this type of compost, check the marks to see if the makers are members of the JIMA association. The best thing is to go with a DIY version.

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We’re sure that your garden is already well maintained, and that this knowledge about loam based potting compost will only improve it.