Low Light Indoor Hanging Plants For Every Plant Lover

Low Light Indoor Hanging Plants For Every Plant Lover

Discover 10 different varieties of low-light indoor hanging plants!



Ideal low-maintenance plant for every setting. I fertilize mine only during its growing season and water it whenever the topsoil is dry.

This is a true royalty among plants and can light up any room with its breathtaking variegations!


Marble queen pothos

My indoor jungle wouldn’t be complete without a philodendron, and heartleaf-shaped leaves are always welcome.


Heartleaf philodendron

This plant doesn’t weave a web, so it’s an ideal addition to any room (especially if you let it hang from the ceiling).


Spider plant

Your home or office will welcome this plant wholeheartedly, partly due to its easy maintenance, but mostly because of its mesmerizing appearance.


English ivy

This succulent truly looks like a necklace, and even though you can't wear it around your neck, it’s a great accessory to your home decor.


String of pearls

This complements your wine-and-cheese tasting gatherings perfectly.


Swiss cheese plant

The giant leaves look stunning on their own, but the red veins give them a new dimension of beauty.


Prayer plant

The bright color of this fern’s leaves brings a peaceful vibe to your home and will contribute to your relaxing time tremendously.


Boston fern

The name sounds sinister, but the lime-green leaves with yellow brush-stroke patterns tell a different story.


Devil’s ivy


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