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Here’s What Happens If You Water Your Lawn After Mowing

Here’s What Happens If You Water Your Lawn After Mowing

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Caring for our lawns may be challenging, especially during hot summer days. Our main goal is to keep them healthy and green, and the best way to achieve this is by watering and mowing them correctly. 

However, it takes some time and practice to learn how to combine these two activities and how long to wait to water your mowed lawn. I frequently get questions about what happens if you water your lawn after mowing. 

If you’ve been wondering the same, here’s what you need to know!

When And How To Water Your Lawn After Mowing

Will you harm your lawn if you add water immediately after you mow it? NO. From my experience, nothing changes regarding color and overall health. But it’s not something you must do.

Actually, the essential thing is to determine if your lawn needs water at all and employ the correct watering technique. Therefore, you won’t harm it if you add water after mowing as long as you pay attention to soil moisture content

First, let’s discuss the best time of day to water your lawn. You should always complete your watering task in the morning before about 10 a.m

Why? This way, you’ll allow the water to evaporate gradually throughout the day while the soil will absorb just as much moisture as it needs.  

Your lawn needs approximately an inch and a half of water weekly. Rainfall typically meets lawn watering requirements, so you only need to add water if it doesn’t rain for a week. 

The telltale signs of lack of water in a lawn are grayish grass or visible footprints, even if some time passed after you walked on it.

The Perfect Watering Technique 

When watering, your main goal is to ensure enough water for the roots since they need to establish themselves at the proper depth. 

If they lack water, they’ll extend themselves to reach the surface in their pursuit of moisture, resulting in an unsightly lawn. 

There’s one simple trick that will help you determine if you added enough water to your lawn when watering. You’ll only need a few empty tuna cans; put them in different spots on your lawn and turn on the sprinklers. 

When the cans are filled with about an inch of water, you can turn off the sprinklers. 

If you mowed your lawn, you can add water after but remember to finish the tasks in the morning

Watering at the right time of the day and employing the perfect watering technique will help you keep your lawn green and thick.

Tips For Mowing Lawns

Always mow your lawn in the early evening because water evaporates and your lawn is driest at this time

Cutting wet grass isn’t recommended because it’ll result in uneven grass and it could clog your lawnmower.

There’s one more thing to remember: you should never remove more than ⅓ of the grass blades when mowing. You may want to cut more, depending on the type of grass you have.

I know that this means you’ll need to mow more often, but it’s worth the effort since there’s nothing better than a well-maintained lawn.

If you follow the pattern of watering in the morning and mowing in the early evening, you’ll always have a healthy and green lawn!