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6 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Got A Greenhouse 

6 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Got A Greenhouse 

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Thinking about getting a greenhouse? There are some things you’ll definitely want to know beforehand!

Greenhouses can offer incredible benefits in terms of productivity and gardening, but it’s not all smooth sailing. In this article, we are going to share some valuable insights into what you should know before diving into greenhouse gardening.

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1. Placement

Much like a garden – accessibility is super important. You want to be able to walk in and enjoy your space, but also to comfortably reach your plants grown in the greenhouse. 

What you should also consider is the placement in relation to the sun. Don’t build a greenhouse in a place that is blocked by the sun because then your plants won’t grow and thrive as they normally would. 

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2. Foundation 

No matter where you are getting your greenhouse, you need to do some work beforehand and prepare the ground properly. First of all, you have to make sure that you level the ground and don’t nick any underground pipes (if there are any). 

Then, you will have to lay down the right type of fabric and gravel. You can also build a wooden foundation to make it more structured and secured. 

3. Customizability

Once the greenhouse is installed, the options are limitless!

After you have laid the foundation and built your greenhouse, you are left with a large amount of empty space that needs to be filled with proper gardening equipment and plants. 

For instance, you can put all your seed starting equipment on the side that is closer to the sun. I mean, the greenhouse can be whatever you want it to be – you can end up building a custom cedar potting bench or doing something completely different! 

What I also added are some simple angle brackets from a big box store and some 2×10 wood to create additional shelving for some other tools like my watering can and pruners. 

If you have an electricity panel nearby, I would recommend you add some artificial light that will help with the plants’ growth, and also allow you to do some cool midnight gardening! 

4. Variety And Plant Reliability

When I was just a gardening beginner, I thought that greenhouses were just empty spaces that are just a little bit warmer and more humid. But what I didn’t realize before I got it and actually started growing plants, is the sheer plant variety that the greenhouse unlocks for you!

There are some plants that have zero percent of growing outdoors, but they grow perfectly fine in greenhouses. 

Plus, the germination and growth rate of little seedlings is accelerated compared to ones planted and grown outdoors. With just a little bit of fertility and water, these things grow like crazy! 

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5. Temperature Modulation

You might be surprised by how hot it can get in a greenhouse! 

I would recommend you install a thermometer so you can always know what temperature plants are experiencing. This will allow you to modulate the temperature according to your plants’ requirements. 

The simplest way to do so is by using a manual crank that you can just come up and open whenever the heat rises. A fancier version of this is a so-called “louvered vent,” which has a piston and some wax that will contract or expand based on the temperature. 

However, you can always install an exhaust fan that will keep things cool!  

6. Landscaping 

Some might think that a greenhouse in the middle of the garden looks unsightly, but you can always decorate it however you want! 

Plus, there’s a lot of pretty flowers and plants that will grow perfectly fine around it. Nasturtiums, sunflowers, and all sorts of sun-loving flowers will spruce up your garden and make your greenhouse look cooler. 
You can look at some of these colorful plants and flowers to get some ideas!