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The Best Time To Harvest Snap Peas For The Freshest, Most Delicious Pods Ever

The Best Time To Harvest Snap Peas For The Freshest, Most Delicious Pods Ever

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There’s nothing like the taste of fresh snap peas right from your garden – the crunchiness, the sweetness… it’s just THAT good!

However, you’ve got to be quick on your feet because these little guys ripen fast and, if you’re not vigilant, they can turn tough and lose that perfect sweetness. 

Luckily, growing snap peas in the garden is a breeze. They love basking in the sun and need to be kept well-watered, especially as the summer temperatures rise (this one time I neglected them during a hot week, and boy, did they let me know!). 

To help you avoid my mistakes, I’m sharing everything I’ve learned about harvesting snap peas. 

Knowing the signs that they’re ready to be picked and how to harvest them correctly will secure you the best yield of delicious pods without damaging your plants. 

First, Make Sure That They Are Nice And Warm

All snap peas need is a warm, sunny place and some rich, well-draining soil – watch as they perform like acrobats, climbing all over a trellis or other support. And if you give them some extra nutrients, they’ll be able to reach the sky!

I’ve found that training snap peas up a trellis is not just practical but also keeps them out of trouble (no more soggy pod bottoms or unwanted pests!). 

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Then, Wait For The Perfect Moment To Harvest Your Snap Peas

I’ve noticed that snap peas grow faster than other veggies in my garden – it’s like they are racing from seed to harvest in just 50-70 days once the frost has passed. 

They come even quicker if you give them a head start indoors! 

When it’s time to harvest, I always look for those vibrant, plump pods that snap easily (green or even purple if you’re into exotic varieties). 

Pods that are about three inches long with thick walls and petite peas inside are also ready to go.  

To keep your snap peas in their prime, I would recommend harvesting every other day. I’ve noticed that this not only provides sweetness but also keeps those pods coming, promising a season full of crunchy and healthy goodness straight from the garden.

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Make Sure You Pick ‘Em Right

Harvesting snap peas isn’t such a simple task (but it isn’t rocket science either). The key is to pluck those pods early and often. 

Get out there in the cool morning hours when the peas are plump but still tender. Waiting too long risks tough pods that have lost their sweetness (they might still look cute though). 

Start your harvest at the base of the plant, working your way up. Those lower pods ripen first and are the sweetest, so grab them before they toughen up.

But you should be gentle because rough handling can stunt future growth. I recommend snipping clusters of pods with sharp scissors instead of yanking them off.

And remember, once you’ve harvested, keep those peas fresh by storing them in a plastic bag. These tips helped me enjoy snap peas all season long, and I hope they will help you too! 

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