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3 Reasons To Get A Plant Caddy + The 5 Best Models In 2024

3 Reasons To Get A Plant Caddy + The 5 Best Models In 2024

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Houseplants can do a lot for your interior design, but they can be a real drag to move around sometimes.

It’s not an easy job to repot your monstrous philodendron or move your monstera to a spot with more sunlight.

And this is where plant caddies come into play. They can help you move your plants around without scratching your wooden floors and give your home new appeal.

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you choose the best one and some options you have in 2024.

Let’s get started!

What Is A Plant Caddy?

A plant caddy (or plant dollie) is a platform or a saucer with wheels that is quite low to the ground.

You put potted plants on them and they allow you to move a substantial weight without spraining your back or struggling with strange container shapes.

3 Reasons To Get One

So, why get a plant caddy?

There are quite a few reasons to add one to your indoor or outdoor plant collection, but the ones below are crucial.

1. Mobility

One of the main reasons why everyone buys plant caddies is their maneuverability. They allow you to move around heavy pots and plants effortlessly whenever they need a change in light exposure or have some maintenance requirements.

And the best part about plant dollies is that they pose no risk of injury and are more than safe for floors.

With a plant caddy you’ll get to:

• Easily rotate potted plants to ensure even light exposure and vegetative growth.

• Move them to a spot with more light exposure if their leaves are starting to fade or the plant becomes leggy.

• Easily move your plants indoors and outdoors when the time comes.

• Move them out of the way when mopping or vacuuming floors.

• Protect your back from injuries and floors from scratches.

• Wheel your potted plants to a different spot to create more room when entertaining in your home, patio, or backyard deck.

2. Drainage

This reason might be far-fetched but there is something to it. Some plant caddies come with trays and saucers that can catch moisture dripping through the drainage hole.

This will keep your plant safe from overwatering and root rot, and your floors from any stains and more serious damage.

3. Protection

There are multiple layers of protection you get with plant caddies. The first, and the most important one, is keeping your back safe.

Plant caddies can also protect the floors from scratching and stains caused by water draining through the potholes. 

Fertilizers we add to our plants for optimal growth and development can stain pretty much everything, from wooden floors to concrete, so it’s best to have caddies and saucers to prevent that.

And if that moisture comes into contact with your carpets, the constant dampness can increase the risk of mold appearing.

4 Things To Have In Mind When Buying Plant Caddies

Here’s what you need to be aware of when purchasing a plant caddy!

1. Size

Choose a caddy that is a couple of sizes larger than the current container you have. 

That will allow you to repot your plants and place them on the same caddy instead of buying a new one every time.

2. Weight Capacity

Your plants will grow and require more room, larger containers, and more soil, which all equals to more weight.

Find a plant dollie with substantial weight capacity that will be able to handle even the heaviest of plants. There are models that can tolerate between 150-300 lbs, so get those if you have a houseplant with the potential to grow big.

3. Material

Plant caddy material isn’t of the utmost importance if you’re going to use it indoors.

But if you plan on keeping the dollie outside, you should go for a weatherproof, sturdy, and durable material so that you don’t have to replace your caddy very often.

Durable plastic, stainless steel, carbon-coated steel, aluminum, or even high-quality and durable wood like cedar are all great choices for an outdoor plant caddy.

4. Aesthetics

Plant caddies are usually round or square platforms, but you can still see some of it below the planter.

Choose one that matches your decor to a T and go for rustic or modern design to elevate your space.

5 Best Plant Caddies For Houseplants

If you still don’t know which plant dollie to get, here are some of the best models you can currently find on the market.

1. W B D WEIBIDA Plant Caddy

W B D WEIBIDA Plant Caddy

• Size: 16’’L x 21’’W x 5.2’’H

• Weight capacity: 440lbs

• Material: acrylonitrile butadiene styrene

This plant caddy is one of the best on the market, and for good reason. You can adjust its size with a simple pull of a buckle instead of dealing with screws after screws.

The high-quality materials make it durable and sturdy, while the grid on the upper surface increases friction and makes your potted plant more stable.

It can carry a substantial amount of weight, so it’s suitable for the largest plants, including Christmas trees.

You can easily assemble this plant caddy and lock it to keep your plant in place.

2. Coadura Plant Caddy

Coadura Plant Caddy

• Size: 13’’L x 11.8’’W x 3.5’’H

• Weight capacity: 78 lbs

• Material: strengthening resin

This plant caddy is ideal if you want to protect your floors and concrete from water stains. It comes with a saucer and is highly durable and rust-resistant.

You can use it both indoors and outdoors, whether it’s for plants, smaller trees, heavy trash cans, etc. It’s quite versatile.

It’s true that it doesn’t carry a lot of weight, but that only makes it perfect for lighter plants.

And its 360° wheels allow for optimal maneuvering without scratching your floors.

P.S. You get two caddies in the package, so don’t miss out on this opportunity if you’re just getting started.

3. Homemend Plant Caddy

Homemend Plant Caddy

• Size: 12’’L x 12’’W x 2.4’’H

• Weight capacity: 110 lbs

• Material: metal

This model is perfect for outdoors because the heavy-duty metal has rust-proof coating and is very durable.

It doesn’t come with a saucer, so it’s not the best product for indoors, but you can always plant a plant tray on it if you like.

The homemend plant caddy comes with all the materials you need to assemble it, including wrenches.

The package includes three caddies for an affordable price. 

4. Yangbaga Plant Caddy

Yangbaga Plant Caddy

• Size: 12’’L x 12’’W x 3.14’’H

• Weight capacity: 170 lbs

• Material: pine wood

The pine wood is a durable material that resists corrosion, doesn’t wear easily, and is quite sturdy.

This model comes pre-assembled, so your only job is to unpack it and put your potted plant on it.

It doesn’t have a saucer, so it’s more suitable for the outdoors or pots that already have trays to catch moisture.

The wheels turn 360° and don’t scratch your floors, while the locks ensure it’s locked in place.

This plant caddy can tolerate about 170 lbs, so it’s more than enough to handle your heavier plants.

And its size and shape allow it to hold small, medium, and large containers, trash cans, barrels, etc.

5. LITADA Plant Caddy

LITADA Plant Caddy

• Size: 12’’L x 12’’W x 3’’H

• Weight capacity: 150 lbs

• Material: acacia wood

This model is made of 100% acacia wood, which is sturdy, durable, and doesn’t break or fade even when kept outdoors.

It allows you to move up to 150 lbs, while the 360° wheels prevent scratching. The wheels also have locks which allow your plant (or anything else you keep on this dollie) to stay in place.

The package comes with two plant caddies that are easy to assemble.

It doesn’t have a saucer though, so you shouldn’t put your houseplants on it unless there’s a tray below or another pot without drainage holes.