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14 Yellow Perennial Flowers That Will Liven Up Your Garden

14 Yellow Perennial Flowers That Will Liven Up Your Garden

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Some colors really do wonders for garden displays and yellow is the best example. It brightens up the outdoor space, which is the main goal of most gardeners. 

In this article, I’ll show you some stunning yellow perennial flowers that will definitely take things in your garden to a whole new level. 

You’ll also see the care requirements for all plants so that they thrive for years to come!

Let’s get started!

1. Yellow Canna Lily

Well, you may already know that these aren’t true lilies, but they look just as beautiful. The blossoms are large and frilly and with their yellow color, they add a tropical vibe to any space. Green foliage pairs perfectly with the blooms.  

You can save canna roots for next season so you don’t need to spend money to get a wonderful flower display. 

Your yellow cannas will start producing flowers in midsummer and you can enjoy them up until the first frost

2. Black-Eyed Susan

Rudbeckia aka Black-eyed Susan is one of the most popular US native wildflowers. These plants can be perennials, biennials, and annuals, depending on the variety. 

Black-eyed Susan is renowned for its magnificent large blossoms adorned with dark centers. 

I highly recommend yellow varieties, such as Indian Summer and Cheyenne Sunset. Make sure to give them a lot of sun to encourage more spectacular blooms. 

3. Peony

Peonies are the favorite plants of many growers because of their splendid blooms and enchanting fragrance. One of the most beautiful varieties, Garden Treasure, features golden yellow blossoms; they’re semi-double and can have up to 50 petals. 

You should know that these plants don’t respond well to transplantation; you can save peony seeds but it takes a lot of time for them to bloom

4. Goldenrod

If you prefer meadow gardens or want to create a wildlife habitat, you should add Goldenrod. These tall plants generate adorable fluffy flower spikes that come in different shades of yellow. 

Goldenrod will brighten up your outdoor space and attract many pollinators and beneficial insects

5. Blanket Flower

There are many reasons to add Blanket flowers to your garden. First, these plants have a long blooming season and low care needs

It attracts pollinators and beneficial insects, and it is drought- and heat-resistant

Globe-shaped seed heads and lovely yellow blooms will steal the show when in bloom. Some Blanket flower varieties, such as Goblin, make perfect short perennials for smaller gardens.

6. Yellow Dwarf Iris

Irises are well-known old-fashioned flowers you can see in gardens worldwide. Yellow dwarf iris is a small variety and will fit well into every flower bed. 

Blossoms come in golden yellow and each petal features dark yellow centers. Some cultivars may even have spotted centers, which adds more beauty. 

These woodland perennials perform well in shade, making them perfect for brightening up dull garden parts. 

7. Daylily

The trumpet-shaped yellow blossoms of the daylily plant ensure a spot for the plant in many gardens. If you choose the perfect variety, you can enjoy daylily blossoms from spring until the first frost

Grassy leaves combine well with the showy blossoms so a spectacular garden display is guaranteed. 

You should deadhead regularly to encourage more blossoms and extend the blooming season. It’s also advisable to divide after the season to keep your daylilies looking neat

If you notice a lack of flowers or poor growth, I recommend dividing your daylilies every 2-3 years. 

8. Daffodil

Here comes another garden classic, the adorable daffodil! Large yellow blossoms are everything a gardener needs in the spring. 

One of the important things to know about daffodils is that they have very low care requirements, so if you’re a beginner, this plant is a perfect choice.

If you have a smaller garden and struggle with finding perennials, you can go with short daffodil varieties

9. Yellow Parrot Tulip

The Yellow Parrot tulip is one of the most interesting plants you’ll find. When the buds start to emerge, they’re green and it seems like they won’t change color. 

However, as soon as they open, they get irresistible colors and the blooms resemble parrot’s plumage, hence the name. Each flower is slightly different so you’ll have a spectacular color combination in your garden.

Pay attention to the time of planting tulips; you’ll get the best result if you finish this task in the fall

10. Perennial Sunflower

If you need a plant for your flower beds or borders, or you want to get amazing cut flowers, sunflowers are the best choice. 

The bright yellow blossoms of these native perennials are the favorite of many growers. Annuals are more popular sunflower varieties, but if you don’t want to plant them year after year, I recommend perennial species. 

These plants don’t need much to thrive; don’t remove the latest blooms because songbirds adore their seeds!

11. Evening Primrose

Long-blooming plants are always welcome in our landscape. Evening Primrose is one of the most beautiful yellow flowers and is perfect for informal, cottage, and meadow gardens

As an added bonus, the blooms emit the scent of fresh lemons, so mornings in your garden will seem heavenly! 

These blossoms open in the evening and close the next late morning.

12. Sneezeweed

Bless you! Don’t worry, this plant won’t make you sneeze. But it will transform your garden into a colorful oasis with its unique blossoms. The petals and center come in yellow but in different shades.

Pollinators absolutely adore Sneezeweed because its blooms are filled with nectar

These plants don’t need much to flourish and will look amazing in cottage gardens. 

13. Yarrow

There are many reasons why yarrow deserves a spot in your garden. They look breathtaking, attract pollinators and beneficial insects, control erosion, enrich the soil…the list is very long!

Grayish-green, scented leaves add more beauty to this fascinating plant. They combine perfectly with clusters of tiny densely packed yellow blossoms

14. Tickseed

Also known as Coreopsis, Tickseed is another lovely long-blooming plant species. The blooms are daisy-like and the fragrance of the foliage reminds of anise. 

Butterflies will feed on nectar and birds will have seeds for lunch; it’s a win-win situation. 

Tickseed will definitely add a special touch of beauty to your outdoor space. 

Yellow brightens up every space and you can do the same in your garden if you plant at least one yellow-flowered species from this list!