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Find Out What Your Birth Month Flower Is Here!

Find Out What Your Birth Month Flower Is Here!

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You probably already know your zodiac sign, but did you know that each month of the year is associated with a unique flower, too? 

Even though we have astrology, it is always fun to look from a different perspective when it comes to understanding our life events and personalities. 

Whether you were born in the romantic month of February or the colorful month of July, there is a bloom that perfectly embodies your unique quirks and traits! 

Looking at birth month flowers dates back to the time of ancient Rome. They believed that flowers attract good luck and protection during the specific month they flower. 

So, if you don’t know your birth month, keep on scrolling to find out. 

January Birth Flower: Snowdrop

snowdrops in the garden

Snowdrop, otherwise known as Galanthus, is a delicate flowering plant that grows during the winter months. Their white bells and slender green leaves often peek through the snow. 

This lovely flower, with its subtle fragrance, serves as a symbol of hope, love, and optimism as it blooms in the middle of winter, reminding us that even in the coldest of times, new beginnings are possible! 

Another January Birth Flower: Carnation

Carnations are also vibrant flowers that can grow in the winter months. With their ruffled petals and a wide range of colors, including shades of red, pink, white, and green, these flowers can really spruce up your garden! 

Carnations are Greek flowers that symbolize devotion, love, and loyalty. If you were born in January, then you are most likely a loyal friend that always puts their friends and family first. 

February Birth Flower: Violet

Common Violet, or Garden Violet

Even though roses and Valentine’s Day are on our minds during February, there is another flower that represents all February babies, and that is the violet. 

This is no surprise because February is all about purple – even their birthstone is amethyst! 

Charming violet captures the heart with its captivating fragrance and unique beauty. They have heart-shaped leaves that ancient Greeks often used for herbal medicine and love potions. 

Violets represent modesty, faithfulness, and intuition, evoking a sense of romance and nostalgia.

Another February Birth Flower: Iris

Iris is a majestic flower that exhibits vibrant colors, such as purple, blue, yellow, and white. These flowers are named after a Greek goddess of the rainbow who was also a messenger of love! 

With its distinct shape and unique patterns, the iris represents wisdom, faith, and eloquence. 

March Birth Flower: Daffodil

Daffodils in a sunny spring garden

Daffodils are cheerful flowers that produce trumpet-shaped flowers with bright yellow colors. They symbolize good luck, hope, and renewal, especially since they flower after the long winter months.

Since they start growing after a long winter, they symbolize new beginnings, but also hope and good luck.

Most people born in March are optimistic and happy – they light up the room and brighten everyone’s day! 

Another March Birth Flower: Sakura

Sakura, otherwise known as cherry blossoms, create beautiful scenery with their soft pink and white flowers. They hold great cultural significance in Japan and beyond. 

These flowers represent beauty, elegance, and the fragility of life. 

April Birth Flower: Daisy

Detail of daisies in a sunny day

Daisies are charming flowers with white petals and bright yellow centers. They are associated with joy, purity, and innocence. They can also represent new beginnings, making them perfect for celebrating the arrival of spring and the month of April. 

Another April Birth Flower: Tulip

Tulips are known for their colorful and elegant flowers that come in a variety of colors. These flowers symbolize true and eternal love. 

However, their meaning can vary based on the color of the flower. 

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May Birth Flower: Lily Of The Valley

Lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis), blooming in the spring forest, close-up

The beautiful Lily of the Valley is a fragrant flower that starts blooming in May. With its delicate, bell-shaped white flowers and mesmerizing scent, this flower is a symbol of sweetness, purity, and humility. 

Another May Birth Flower: Hawthorn

Hawthorn, otherwise known as Crataegus, is a deciduous shrub or a small tree that produces clusters of white and pink flowers, along with spiny branches and lobed leaves. This flower represents love, hope, and happiness. 

June Birth Flower: Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle vine on a bright Spring day

Honeysuckle is a climbing vine that is known for its clusters of tubular flowers with bright yellow, orange, or pink colors. This flower represents the bonds of friendship and is often associated with happy and lasting relationships.

It is often grown in gardens to attract pollinators like butterflies and hummingbirds. 

Another June Birth Flower: Rose

One of the most popular flowers is definitely roses. Folks born in June are so lucky to have roses as their secondary birth flowers! 

They come in a variety of colors, each one carrying a different meaning. Red roses symbolize love and desire, while yellow roses represent friendship and joy. 

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July Birth Flower: Larkspur

Bright larkspur flowers close-up on blurred background

Larkspur is a striking tall flower that blooms in a variety of colors, including pink, blue, and purple. It symbolizes positivity, joy, and playfulness. 

Larkspur is an eye-catching addition to any garden or floral arrangements for that matter! 

Another July Birth Flower: Water Lilies 

Water lilies, otherwise known as Nymphaea, are aquatic plants that come in a range of colors, such as pink, white, and yellow. They are grown on the surface of ponds, lakes, and other calm bodies of water. 

These calming flowers symbolize purity, rebirth, and enlightenment. 

August Birth Flower: Poppy

early morning red poppy field scene

Poppies are vibrant flowers that come in various shades, including red, orange, white, and pink – each color has a different meaning! 

They symbolize extravagance and imagination. They also represent remembrance, which is why they are associated with honoring fallen soldiers. 

People born in August are described as creative and independent. 

Another August Birth Flower: Gladiolus 

Gladiolus is an elegant flower that was very popular in ancient Rome – these flowers were gifted to victorious gladiators after winning a battle. 

They come in a wide range of colors, such as pink, red, orange, purple, and yellow. They represent strength, honesty, moral integrity, and generosity. 

If you decide to grow gladiolus, here’s a complete guide through the gladiolus growing stages.

September Birth Flower: Morning Glory

Image of a Blue flower of Morning Glory (Ipomoea) in the garden

Morning glory, otherwise called Ipomoea, perfectly describes September babies. With their trumpet-shaped flowers in shades of purple, pink, red, or white, they truly make a stunning addition to any garden! 

These flowers symbolize affection, love, spiritual connection, and rejuvenation.  

Another September Birth Flower: Aster

Here is yet another colorful flower for September folks. These flowers are shaped like a star, which is how they got their name – the Greek word “aster” actually means star. They come in pink, white, blue, and purple colors. 

They symbolize innocence, love, faith, and wisdom. These are perfect for adding a pop of color to the garden. 

October Birth Flower: Marigolds

marigold flower background

Marigolds are cheerful flowers that come in shades of red, orange, and yellow. They are known for their distinctive scent and dense, bushy growth. 

One of the reasons why gardeners plant marigolds is their remarkable ability to repel pests like mosquitoes and aphids, which is a popular trait in companion planting. 

People born in October are passionate and hard-working, which is what marigolds are all about!

Another October Birth Flower: Cosmos

Cosmos is a graceful flower that produces abundant blooms in pink, purple, and white colors. Cosmos flowers symbolize harmony, love, tranquility, balance, and beauty. They represent internal peace, which most folks born in October possess. 

November Birth Flower: Peony

Coral peonies in a glass vase on wooden table.

Peony is a perfect flower to describe my scorpio babies. These flowers come in shades of pink, white, and red. They are known for their large, lush petals and mesmerizing fragrances. 

They symbolize honor, prosperity, loyalty, and romance – all of which November folks exhibit! 

If you decide to grow peonies, here’s everything you need to know about the peony growth stages.

Another November Birth Flower: Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums are popular flowers that come in a wide range of shapes, colors, and sizes. They are known for their unique petals and long-lasting flowers. 

These delicate flowers symbolize happiness, friendship, love, and longevity. In China and Japan, there is a special day dedicated to Chrysanthemums – it is called the Festival of Happiness. 

December Birth Flower: Holly 

red berries of holly(Ilex aquifolium) on a gray background

Even though it is technically not a flower, it makes perfect sense that Holly is the birth flower for December since it is associated with the holiday season.

This plant produces glossy, spiky leaves and vibrant red berries. Before it was used for decorations, Holly was considered a symbol of fertility. 

Today, Holly symbolizes peace, luck, and prosperity. 

Another December Birth Flower: Narcissus

Paperwhite, otherwise known as Narcissus papyraceus, is a Mediterranean flower that blooms around the holiday season. It produces clusters of small, star-shaped flowers that have pure white colors. 

They represent hope, fresh starts, and rebirth – perfectly describing those born in December with a can-do attitude!