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Plant Lovers Swear By This Cinnamon Trick For Healing Broken Stems, But Does It Actually Work?

Plant Lovers Swear By This Cinnamon Trick For Healing Broken Stems, But Does It Actually Work?

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Alright, picture this: you’re in your garden, nurturing your plants with love and care, when suddenly disaster strikes! 

One of your precious plant stems snaps, leaving you feeling like you’ve failed as a plant parent, (trust me, we’ve all been there). In that case, you’ve probably heard the buzz about using cinnamon to mend broken plant stems – it’s all over TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest! 

But does this kitchen spice really have magical healing powers for our green friends?

As a fellow plant enthusiast, I’ve seen the claims and thought: can a sprinkle of cinnamon truly work wonders? Some say yes, including youtuber Creative_Explained, who has a whole YouTube tutorial dedicated to this curious cure!

While the idea sounds promising, there’s not much scientific evidence to back it up. Still, there’s no denying that cinnamon has its place in the garden – just maybe not as a plant surgeon.

Folks Claim This Works Like A Charm

All our greeninfluencers on social media are going crazy about this DIY cinnamon remedy. 

Apparently, sprinkling ground cinnamon on a broken or bent stem could nurse injured stems back to health. 

They swear by its ability to keep bacteria away and even fight off fungus. The catch is that it has to directly touch the fungus to do its thing (yep, you’ll have to get close to the nasty fungi). 

But hold up, there’s another trick up their sleeves!

People are sharing how they’ve used simple stuff like cotton swabs or pencils as splints to help their plants heal. After a few weeks, these DIY fixes seem to do the job! 

However, scientists are still figuring out if splints are the real deal. 

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But Can Cinnamon Do Anything Else For Your Plants?

Even if science hasn’t confirmed it yet, hobbyists claim that it is a gardening superhero! 

But it is known for two things: boosting root growth and keeping bugs far away from your plants. 

And here’s a tip for when your plant’s feeling under the weather: if it’s the type that’s easy to multiply, you might save it by snipping off the damaged part and treating it with a mix of cinnamon and honey. 

This combo could help it grow new roots and bounce back; just keep it comfy with a bit of water, gentle light, and warmth. 

And if your garden’s got some unwanted guests, a sprinkle of cinnamon around the base could give them the hint to hit the road!

The big question is, can cinnamon really work wonders for your plants? My take? If it’s a superstar in our spice racks, why wouldn’t it be a hit in the garden?

I’m all for giving natural remedies a shot before switching to harsh chemicals that might end up doing more harm than good. What’s your take on it? 

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