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8 Secrets To Captivating Dahlia Blossoms

8 Secrets To Captivating Dahlia Blossoms

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Is there anything prettier than a garden full of dahlia blossoms? Due to their extraordinary beauty, dahlias have become a part of almost every bridal bouquet nowadays. 

Their fluffy flowers come in different forms and the only color you won’t find in dahlia blossoms is blue. They can be about 10 inches in diameter and some may even feature tons of tiny petals. 

But can you get your dahlias to bloom and keep those blooms fresh in the vase for a long time? Here’s what you should do! 

1. Best Time To Plant Dahlias

Once you choose the perfect time to plant your dahlias, you’re halfway to success. These plants aren’t frost tolerant so you must wait until the soil temperatures increase in spring

You can presprout your dahlias but never plant them outdoors until temperatures below the soil line reach 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit

2. Perfect Watering Schedule

Never water your dahlias on a fixed schedule. Unfortunately, the easiest way to kill these colorful flowering plants is by overwatering them

Add water once you notice the surface of the soil is dry. Warm summer temperatures increase the water evaporation rate, which results in higher watering needs in dahlia plants. 

To prevent water accumulation, make sure the soil is well-draining; adding materials such as perlite will promote drainage. 

3. Best Spot For Dahlia

Always perform a soil test before you plant dahlias. I highly recommend growing dahlias in containers or raised beds if the soil is hard red clay. 

This method will help you avoid issues with drainage, nutrients, and rotting. 

4. Soil To Avoid

Many growers decide on store-bought potting mixes which are already fertilized. These soils aren’t a good option since they can burn the dahlia tubers and turn them mushy. 

You should feed your Dahlia plants when they display new growth.  

5. Harvest At The Right Time

We always want our cut flowers in vases to adorn our tables for months, but that’s not possible. However, there are some ways that will help you extend the freshness of your cut dahlias. 

The first way is to harvest blossoms at the right time. Always cut your dahlias in the morning because they cool down during the night and are well-hydrated. 

Avoid gathering the blooms if temperatures are over 80 degrees Fahrenheit

6. Blooms Need Water

Dahlia plants feature hollow and pretty long stems. Never leave cut dahlias in the basket after the harvest. 

Simply put the stems with blossoms in water as soon as you cut them. Water will run through stems and keep them fresh for longer. 

7. Allow Them To Cool Down

If you want to add dahlias to flower arrangements, you should leave them in water and put them in a cool room

A room with an air conditioner or other type of cooler is suitable. 

8. Hydration Is Key

Dahlias stems and blossoms will take up a lot of water for the first 36 hours when kept in a vase. 

You have two options now. Either add flower food to the water in the vase or change the water daily. Both ways will extend their freshness. 

Follow these tips and your dahlias will adorn your garden and your table for a long time!