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Propagate Your Lemon Tree Easily With This Brilliant Banana Hack No One Told You About

Propagate Your Lemon Tree Easily With This Brilliant Banana Hack No One Told You About

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Attention, lemon tree owners! I know how fun and rewarding it can be to grow lemon trees, so it’s completely understandable if you want to expand your collection. 

And as always, the easiest and cheapest way to do it is by propagation! I always use the air-layering method and the results are fantastic.

But last time I took things to a whole new level and tried a brilliant hack with a banana! Yes, you read that right. Bananas are super rich in nutrients and I was stunned by how quickly they encouraged root development on the branch.

Ready to learn how bananas can completely change your lemon tree propagation game? No need to drag it out – let’s dive right into the simple steps that will make you a propagation pro!

First, Gather The Equipment

You know that feeling when you’re in the middle of propagation and have to stop everything because you haven’t prepared the soil or a plastic bag? 

Always prepare everything, I mean everything, before you start propagating. So, what do you need if you want more lemon trees? Of course, you need a healthy lemon tree with a healthy and long branch

Ok, Captain Obvious, what else? Here’s the list!

• A ripe (not mushy) banana

• A sharp cutting tool

• Cocopeat

• Zip ties

• Plastic transparent cup

• Dark plastic bag

• A pot filled with free-draining growing medium

Have you prepared everything? Let’s propagate!

1. Prepare The Branch

First, closely observe your lemon tree and select the healthiest branch. It shouldn’t have any discolored or diseased parts or the propagation will fail.

Now make a vertical cut in the branch approximately 12-18 inches from the tip of the branch

I use a grafting knife but any precision knife will do the job. 

2. It’s Time To Apply The Banana

And here comes the fun part! Take your banana and cut off the tips on both ends.

Cut your banana vertically from top to bottom, making sure you don’t cut it all the way through. 

Now carefully wrap the opened banana around the lemon tree branch where you want it to graft. The flesh of the banana should be in contact with the branch.

Remember, our goal is to use the nutrients found in bananas to encourage root development!

3. Secure The Banana Wrap And Add A Plastic Cup

Take a zip tie and wrap it around the bottom of the banana, making sure it’s not overly tight to avoid damaging the tissue.

Now place a zip tie in the middle and at the top of the banana, and trim any excess length from the zip ties using scissors.

The next thing to do is what I call potting the grafted part. Take the transparent plastic cup and make a vertical cut from the rim to the bottom.

Open the cup, carefully wrap it around the banana, and secure it with zip ties. 

4. Add Growing Substrate

I assume you already know about banana peel fertilizer and the benefits of bananas in general in gardening. However, when propagating your lemon tree, you can’t use just a banana. 

But a handful of cocopeat will do wonders and help the branch produce roots in no time!

Simply fill the cup around the banana with cocopeat and press it down lightly to pack everything well! Now you have more nutrients and something that will hold moisture for the grafted branch. 

5. Wrap To Trap Humidity

Another essential factor in plant propagation is humidity, and root production won’t happen if you don’t ensure it.

Luckily, a piece of dark plastic bag can do wonders! Carefully wrap it around the cup and tie it up

I uncover the grafted part every now and then to provide it with some oxygen and check if everything is running smoothly.

6. And Do This After A Month

It typically takes a month for the grafted part of your lemon tree to produce roots. 

Once you remove the plastic covering, cut off the branch just below the cup. Trim the zip ties from the cup and gently remove the cup to expose the soil.

Use your fingers when removing the cocopeat to avoid breaking the roots. DO NOT cut off the zip ties that were securing the banana. Simply pull out the cutting and the roots will stay intact.

Now cut off the branch a few inches below the roots. The lemon tree grows best in a free-draining and nutrient-rich potting mix, so make sure you plant the rooted branch in a growing substrate like that.

And the last step is to give your thirsty lemon tree branch some water!

That’s it! Ready to witness how the propagated branch transforms into a healthy and happy lemon tree? Thanks to this banana hack, it’s bound for success!