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Grow Your Own Indoor Green Fortune By Effortlessly Propagating The Money Tree Plant

Grow Your Own Indoor Green Fortune By Effortlessly Propagating The Money Tree Plant

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When I first got my Money Tree plant, I was amazed at how fabulous it looked.Then I thought to myself “I wish I had more of these plants, so why not try and propagate it?” To my delight, propagating a Money tree turned out to be easier than finding loose change in the couch cushions! 

I’ll admit, I was a bit nervous on my first attempt (after all, who wants to mess up a literal MONEY tree?). But I nailed it, and now I have a whole family of Money trees – plus a few I’ve gifted to friends. 

And if I can do it, so can you! Give it a try and enjoy watching your Money tree family grow. 

Make A Splash By Propagating In Water

For this easy method, you’ll need a healthy plant to take your cutting from. 

Grab a young side stem and cut it from the main plant just below a leaf node using a clean pair of pruning shears. Don’t have those? No worries—clean kitchen scissors or a sharp knife will do the trick. 

Remove the lower leaves, leaving just one or two at the top of the cutting.

Fill a small glass, jar, or vase with water and pop your cutting in.

Make sure the nodes at the base are submerged and the upper leaves stay dry.

Place your setup in a warm spot with plenty of bright but indirect sunlight.

Remember to change the water at least once a week to keep things fresh. 

Watch your cutting closely; it’ll start sprouting tiny roots in about 30 days. 

When those roots reach 1 to 2 inches long, it’s time to transfer your new plant to some soil. Use a quality potting mix that drains well to keep your new plant happy. 

I remember doing this for the first time – my hands were a bit shaky, but I quickly realized it’s not rocket science (more like garden science). And soon, I had a thriving money tree to show off! 

So, don’t panic, even if it’s your first time (it’s okay to be scared, but don’t panic!). Just be careful and loving, your baby money tree will appreciate it.

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Or Dig Straight Into The Soil 

If you prefer soil propagation for your money tree, the process starts the same way. 

 • Snip a young stem from the parent plant just below a leaf node, and remove the lower leaves, leaving only one or two at the top.

Grab a small pot and fill it with a good quality, well-draining potting mix. 

Use a pencil or dibber to create a small hole in the soil. 

Dip the base of your cutting in rooting hormone to give it a head start, then insert it into the soil.

Place a plant cloche or a plastic bag over your cutting to create a humid environment that promotes rooting.

Place the pot with your cutting in a warm spot that gets plenty of indirect sunlight, and make sure to keep the soil nice and moist. 

In about three to five weeks, your cutting should start producing roots. When you see this, you can remove the plant cloche and watch your plant begin to grow. And of course, it’s always exciting to see those first signs of new growth! 

Just remember, taking care of your new money tree is key to making sure it stays happy and healthy for years to come. Keep learning about how to grow and care for your lovely houseplants so you can enjoy them even longer!

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