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Do You Want Bigger Roses? Save Your Leftover Banana Peels

Do You Want Bigger Roses? Save Your Leftover Banana Peels

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If you want to make your garden more colorful and attractive, roses are the way to go. But these plants don’t really have a good reputation when it comes to maintenance. 

However, some brilliant hacks can help you keep your roses happy and healthy; my favorite is banana peels. 

So, if you want bigger roses, simply save your leftover banana peels and prepare a magic solution!

Let’s see how to do it!

Why Banana Peels?

Bananas are the favorite fruits of many people due to their extraordinary taste. They also have multiple health benefits (1), so it’s a win-win situation. 

But aren’t we supposed to dispose of the peels once we’re done with eating these fruits? Trust me, that’s the last thing you want to do. 

Banana peels make excellent fertilizer due to their properties. They contain potassium, which plays a major role in the plant growing process (2). Additionally, magnesium, calcium, and sulfur are also found in the peels, which take things to a whole new level.

Therefore, instead of throwing these natural treasures into the trash can, use them to get bigger and fuller roses!

Using Banana Peels For Roses

You might have expected some special recipe that’s hard to make. Well, I have great news for you – making banana peel fertilizer for roses is super easy and you don’t have to be a master gardener to make it. I believe this is especially beneficial to new rose parents. 

Simply chop your leftover peels into small pieces and put them in the holes before planting your roses. 

The nutrients will be slowly released into the soil and ensure healthy development all through the rose blooming stages.

If you’ve already planted your roses don’t worry, you can still use banana peels. Add them around the base of each plant and the soil will receive the nutrients the same way it would if you added peel in the holes.  

Believe it or not, this is it. Fertilization will help you get more rose blooms that are bigger and fuller! No more spending money on store-bought fertilizers! 

Pay Attention To The Following

We’ve seen all the benefits and how you can use banana peels for roses. But there are some things to consider to avoid any potential problems.

Just as with all other gardening chores, you shouldn’t go overboard because you’ll do more harm than good. The rule of thumb is to use up to 3 banana peels per rose plant

This will ensure enough nutrients and healthy growth and you’ll avoid the risks of rotting and attracting pests.

Growing rose plants is an incredibly rewarding experience; banana peels can help you encourage healthy growth and your garden will look prettier than ever!


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