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3 Methods For Getting Rid Of Weeds From A Lawn

3 Methods For Getting Rid Of Weeds From A Lawn

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Most lawn owners do all their chores during the spring and summer and think of the fall as a resting period. Well, it’s true that in the fall there aren’t many things to do, but you shouldn’t neglect your lawn completely. 

The temperatures are gradually dropping and the weather becomes wetter in this period. These are the perfect conditions for weed development

If you want your lawn to look neat, spotless, and, of course, free of weeds, you’re in the right place. 

I’ll show you the best methods for getting rid of weeds from a lawn and give you some top-notch maintenance tips. 

Let’s get started!

What Encourages Weed Growth?

First things first, weeds aren’t selective in choosing the perfect spot for growing and can appear in every yard. But some things encourage growth, and it’s essential to know them so that you can prevent the issue in the first place.

An unhealthy lawn is definitely the biggest magnet for weeds. So, the first technique for weed prevention is maintaining lawn health all year long.

One of the methods that has proven extremely effective in lawn care is aerating. Compact soil also leads to weed growth and aerating will help you avoid it.

Last, but not least, grass clippings can encourage weeds in your lawn. You should cut your grass short as it’s actually beneficial. However, you shouldn’t leave any clippings on the lawn after mowing. 

Remove them after mowing and there’s no need to discard them because you can use grass clippings in multiple ways

Prevention is always the best cure but if you already have some weeds on your lawn, here’s what to do!

Method #1 Pull Out Weeds By The Roots

No matter what you hear or how many products for weed removal you see, the best way to remove these nuisances is by pulling them out by their roots!

The explanation is simple, you remove the entire plant so there’s nothing below the soil surface that could germinate or spread

Another benefit of this method is that there’s no need to repeat it in the near future. The number of chores is significantly reduced! And the only tools you need are your hands, which means that this method won’t cost you a dime. 

Are there any drawbacks to this method? Well, ask those who own large backyards. All jokes aside, this method works best in smaller spaces but if you have a large lawn, this method may not be the best choice.

You can still use it, but you should consider using another method(s) to save time. And no one needs more back pain!

Method #2 Use Herbicides

How many times have you heard that using herbicides is the easiest way to destroy your lawn? There’s definitely some truth in this statement and there are some herbicides that will not only destroy weeds but also your grass. 

However, not every herbicide will have this effect on your lawn. Some are specifically designed for weed removal and won’t harm your grass. 

You need to follow the instructions and use these herbicides only when the weeds are in their active growth stage

Even though Glyphosate is widely used for treating weeds, I had a bad experience and it damaged my grass. I recommend using this product only if you need to destroy weeds in driveways or patios.  

If you decide on herbicides, consult with professionals in this field and look for products that are only related to lawn weed removal. 

Method #3 DIY Weed Killers

If you own a large backyard but don’t want to use herbicides, you can always go with DIY weed killers. 

Instead of spending money on, often expensive, store-bought products, you can make your own weed killer with ingredients you probably already have. 

A gallon of apple cider vinegar, a tbsp of salt, and a tbsp of dish soap will do wonders and help you remove weeds once and for all. 

The main goal of this solution is to dehydrate the roots of the weeds.

The only problem with this mixture is that it’s very powerful and could destroy other plants around the weeds. Pay attention to dosage and where you apply it.

The Best Time To Weed A Lawn

The great news is that there isn’t some specific time to weed your lawn. But your lawn can benefit from some renovation and the perfect time to do it is in the fall. 

You can aerate your lawn at this point and plant more grass seeds to make it thicker

Some gardeners apply pre-emergent herbicides as soon as the spring arrives to prevent weed seeds from germinating. Weeds grow actively during the summer months and this is the time to use post-emergent herbicide types

Your main goal is to keep your lawn healthy and that’s the best way to avoid weed development. Always monitor your lawn and if there are any weeds visible, remove them immediately. You can combine different techniques for weed removal. 
Remember, weed treatment is one step closer to a thick and green lawn!