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Find Out If These Fascinating Insects See Your Plants As Delicious Snacks

Find Out If These Fascinating Insects See Your Plants As Delicious Snacks

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Have you noticed a constant buzzing in your garden? I hope you like bugs, because it’s probably cicadas. These insects are common guests in gardens since they live underground and come out during mating season. 

I first noticed their singing in my garden a few years ago. I’m a fan of insects, and they don’t bother me as long as they don’t touch my flowers. 

That’s why I immediately wondered if cicadas would eat and destroy my plants. I bet you’re wondering the same thing now, too! 

The Answer Will Surprise You

Cicadas are really fascinating. Besides their different patterns, they can fly thousands of kilometers. Imagine all the things they see and how many gardens they fly over (like small airplanes). 

They are also excellent singers, but if you prefer peace and quiet, I have a solution for that as well. You can find ways to silence their symphony here. 

So, while adult cicadas do not eat your plants, they do feed on tree sap. It may happen that they drink some juice from your plants as well. 

If you’re still concerned that they might target your flowers, you can spray them with water to defend your colorful friends.

Save Trees From These Flying Singers With This Simple Trick

The good news is that they are not harmful to you or your pets. They won’t bite you, so don’t worry. The only thing they are harmful to is trees. Females will make a small hole in the bark to lay eggs. Healthy trees hold up well and will not be harmed. 

They can only harm small, junior trees. The most important thing is not to use herbicides, as this will only harm pollinators such as butterflies and bees. My advice is to buy a protective net for the trunk. To prepare the tree for cicadas, you can use mulch! 

Spread the mulch around the roots, just don’t put it directly on the tree. You can make it from organic compost or leaves. After some time, the mulch will disintegrate and need to be renewed.

They’re Actually The Good Guys

Yes, you read that right. There are actually many uses for these cute weirdos. They are an excellent source of food for birds and other predators. When cicadas decompose, the soil is fed with them

They are also very interesting insects. I remember when I was a child, I used to catch them from the trees and play with them. That will truly remain in my memory forever.

They never really did me any harm, so I hope they won’t damage your plants or trees either. 

Cicadas are just cute bugs. 

We even get a few benefits from them. I mean, you will have singers who will perform for free! Don’t forget to treat them with a drink.