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Get Your Grill Groovin’ And Keep The Mice Movin’ With These Expert Tips

Get Your Grill Groovin’ And Keep The Mice Movin’ With These Expert Tips

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One weekend, I was all set to fire up my grill for a barbecue, but to my surprise, I found a little mouse just hanging out inside. Yes, I was absolutely grossed out and seriously considered never using it again.

I shared my grill surprise with my sister, and she assured me it’s not uncommon. A grill offers the perfect refuge – it smells of food, provides shelter from the heavy rains, and shields them from predators. 

Despite their cute appearance, the thought of mice making a home in my grill was unsettling. However, my sister offered some comforting advice: a good cleaning and some preventive measures can keep those little mice away.

Here’s what you can do to keep your barbecue nice, neat, and mice-free! 

Eat But Leave No Crumbs Behind

Just as we are looking for a way to warm up as the weather starts cooling down, mice also look for cozy spots to survive these colder months. 

While mouse troubles are more common in autumn, it’s smart to keep these tips in mind all year round. 

That irresistible smell of food cooking on your grill? It’s sure to attract some furry friends (if I was in the area, I would probably stop by as well!). 

All those crumbs and leftovers are like a gourmet meal for mice, which is why it’s best to give your grill a thorough cleaning and make sure there are no leftovers behind!  

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Spruce Up Your BBQ Defense With Peppermint Oil

This is where I messed it up – I didn’t put away my grill as soon as the grilling season was over. It is recommended that you store it in a dry area, preferably covered (of course I left it out in the open). 

Remember to close the vents when your grill is out of season because this limits the hiding spots for these sneaky creatures. 

Since I didn’t do any of this and had these cute little mice running around, I decided to look for natural methods to keep them away (I still didn’t want to hurt them even though they messed up my grill). 

Did you know they can’t stand the smell of peppermint oil? Yep, it’s true! 

Peppermint oil works wonders at keeping mice away from your grill and your home. 

Simply spray some peppermint oil around your grill to give those mice second thoughts, no matter how tempting your barbecue smells to them. 

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Keep Your Grill Nice And Clean

Don’t follow my lead and jump straight to panic mode if you spot any mice in your outdoor grill. 

Sure, their presence might leave the area unsanitary, but you can have your grill up and running in no time! 

Here’s what worked for me: I suited up with gloves and a face mask, armed myself with a scraping tool, and got to work banishing every trace of droppings, food remnants, and lurking debris from the grill. 

After that, I used a degreaser to tackle any stubborn residue, followed by a thorough rinse to ensure everything was squeaky clean. A final scrub with hot water and soap left it sparkling and completely disinfected. 

Grill experts recommend towel drying your grill instead of air drying to prevent corrosion, which can happen over time. And before cleaning, they advise closing the grill and running it on high for half an hour to sterilize after scraping off debris.

While cleaning up after mice can be a hassle, preventing them from moving into your grill is much easier. 

Don’t let your grill become a mouse motel, and always make sure to set aside a little time after grilling to keep everything clean and in top shape. 

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