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Avoid Planting These Crops In June If You Want Your Summer Garden To Thrive

Avoid Planting These Crops In June If You Want Your Summer Garden To Thrive

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Ever found yourself in the middle of June with a packet of seeds in your hands, wondering if it’s the right time to plant them? Well, I’ve been there too – more times than I’d like to admit.

I remember this one summer I was super excited because I had just enough space to plant spinach in June, just to watch it bolt in the summer heat. Such a shame, Popeye would be sad! 

Gardening is all about timing, and planting the wrong seeds in June can lead to both heartache and headache (kind of like a bad breakup, you know). 

To save you all this pain, I’ve gathered some useful info about planting in June. So, here are some seeds you definitely don’t want to sow this month! 

Spinach Is On Our No-Sow List This June 

First up, spinach. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE spinach – it’s nutritious and delicious, so what’s not to like? 

However, despite what those seed packets might tell you, early summer is not the time to plant it.  

I once sowed spinach in June, only to watch it bolt faster than the speed of light. It went straight to flowering, and I was left with hardly anything to harvest. 

The heat of June and July just doesn’t sit well with spinach because it prefers the cooler days of spring or fall. 

So, save yourself the heartache and wait until the temperatures drop a bit before sowing your spinach.

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Stay Away From Turnips, Salad Greens, And Kohlrabi As Well 

Spinach is not the only plant that won’t thrive if planted in June; turnips, salad greens, and kohlrabi are also best avoided during this month. 

Turnips and salad greens, much like spinach, tend to bolt in the heat. 

I remember planting turnips in June this one season; I was filled with joy and excitement (what can I say, I just love turnips that much!). Fast forward a few weeks, and all I had were a bunch of spindly flowers where my turnips should have been. Not fun.

Salad greens can be tricky too. They tend to get bitter and bolt quickly in the summer heat. 

My sister once planted a variety of salad greens in late June, and instead of the delicious, tender, lush leaves she was hoping for; she got tough, bitter greens that weren’t even a good fit for the compost pile. 

Kohlrabi is another one to watch out for. It prefers cooler weather, and planting it in June often results in small, woody bulbs rather than the crisp ones you’re aiming for. 

What You Can Plant Instead

If you’re itching to plant something in June, don’t worry because there are plenty of options to fill out your empty garden. 

Stick with heat-loving crops like beets, squash, and okra. These plants love to chill in full sun and will reward you with a bountiful harvest afterwards. 

But those aren’t the only options! Find more here: These Are The 7 Vegetables You Should Plant In June To Get A Bumper Harvest