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30 Breathtaking Peace Lily Varieties That Can Elevate Your Indoor Aesthetics

30 Breathtaking Peace Lily Varieties That Can Elevate Your Indoor Aesthetics

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Peace lilies adorn plant collections all around the world. They are known as Spathiphyllum in botany and prized for their lovely flowers.

Don’t confuse Spathiphyllums with true lilies; they do have the same name, but that’s only because of the shape and color of the flowers.

In this article, I’ll show you 30 splendid peace lily varieties and describe their major features. You’ll also find some excellent tips for maintaining these plants.

Let’s get started!

1. Peace Lily Jessica

This is one of my favorite peace lilies. What makes it stand out are its gorgeously variegated leaves and white flower that coils around the spadix. The leaves are white or light green, and the veins come in deep green to make a perfect contrast.

If you take good care of your Jessica, it will reward you with its flower during the season, which will last a pretty long time.

Since this is a variegated plant, you’ll need to provide it with more bright indirect light than you would for other non-variegated species. 

2. Peace Lily Silver Streak

Green and silver hues perfectly combine on the peace lily silver streak leaves. The appearance of the Silver streak variety is partially described in its name – the main vein of each leaf comes in silver. 

When compared to other Spaths (another nickname for Spathiphyllum plants), the Silver streak has brighter green leaves.

The mature size of the Silver streak variety is approximately 13 inches, making it a perfect plant for tables and shelves. 

Always keep the growing substrate of all Spathiphyllum species moist because they aren’t drought-tolerant plants

Here’s a video with more tips on growing the Silver streak peace lily:  

3. Peace Lily Picasso

Once you see the Picasso variety, you’ll understand why it was named after one of the most famous painters of all time. The leaves are highly variegated and come in three colors, white, deep green, and light green. 

This is a rare variety, so don’t miss an opportunity to buy it if you come across one. This is another smaller lily, and it rarely exceeds 15 inches tall when grown indoors. 

To maintain variegations, provide your Picasso peace lily with a lot of bright indirect light. If sun exposure in the place where you keep the plant is limited, I recommend using artificial lights. 

4. Peace Lily Wallisii

The Wallisii is a relatively small Spathiphyllum variety; the tallest you’ll see is about 15 inches. This is a classic non-variegated Spath with shiny deep green leaves and delicate creamy blossoms. 

You’ll need to be extra careful when watering your Wallisii. It loves high moisture content in the growing medium, but the soil should never be soggy or you risk overwatering your peace lily

This variety can adapt to various light levels, but from my experience it does best in bright indirect light. 

5. Mauna Loa Supreme Peace Lily

When I first saw this Spath variety, I fell in love instantly. The broad, lance-shaped, glossy leaves of this peace lily perfectly combine with the 4-inch wide white blossoms. The plant itself can reach up to 3 feet tall, making it a medium-sized Spath variety. 

The biggest difference between the Mauna Loa Supreme and other varieties is the size of the flower stem, which is about 20 inches in height. 

I have to warn you that the roots of this Spath are very sensitive to standing water, so always plant your Mauna Loa Supreme in a free-draining soil mix with good aeration

6. Jetty Peace Lily

This is another medium-sized Spath. It typically reaches up to 2 feet when grown as a houseplant. The jetty is prized for its rich green foliage and long-lasting white blossoms.

Just like its cousins, the Jetty is an air-purifying plant, according to NASA. (1)

These plants have a pretty fast growth rate, so if you ensure all the necessary conditions, they will reward you with their blossoms each season.

7. Peace Lily Domino

Now we have another variegated variety, the Domino peace lily. It’s a plant that has incredible deep green leaves with a striped pattern that ranges in color from light green to creamy.

The domino can reach up to 3 feet tall when cultivated indoors, but all the growing conditions need to be perfect. Keep your Domino at around 70 degrees Fahrenheit

There’s one essential thing to know about Domino and all its cousins; Spaths are poisonous plants to both humans (2) and pets (3), so make sure children or furry friends don’t ingest any part of the plant. 

Here’s more info about Domino Spath plant care:

8. Starlight Peace Lily

The Starlight is another dwarf variety. It rarely exceeds 18 inches tall and is a slow grower that develops into a compact plant with stunning glossy green foliage.

Similarly to other peace lilies, the Starlight variety enjoys constantly moist soil. However, it should never be waterlogged because it’s not uncommon for peace lilies to turn black if overwatered. 

Since this plant has completely green foliage, it doesn’t need a lot of bright light and can adapt to lower light better than other variegated species.

9. Peace Lily Allison

Allison is another Spath variety of medium size, and it typically won’t exceed 24 inches. This species produces stunning deep green foliage, and under optimal conditions it can generate an abundance of spectacular flowers.

Similarly to other peace Lily varieties, the Allison requires temperatures of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and is not a frost- or drought-tolerant plant. It requires entirely moist soil, but the roots won’t grow well if there’s too much water around them. You should water your Allison plant once the top two inches of the growing substrate are dry.

10. Sensation Peace Lily

We have seen some dwarf and some medium-sized peace lilies, and now I would like you to meet the largest Spathiphyllum available on the market. It’s called the Sensation peace Lily and it can reach up to 6 feet tall under perfect growing conditions.

What’s especially incredible about this Spath species is how the rippled, glossy green foliage combines with its stunning white blossoms. 

Even though the Sensation isn’t prone to pests, keep an eye out for mealybugs, aphids, and spider mites

There’s one essential thing to know about the leaves of a Sensation peace lily – they are large and you could easily break them when handling the plant, so be extra careful when cleaning.

11. Peace Lily Platinum Mist

Photo from:

The number of new cultivars and hybrids of the Spathiphyllum is getting higher and higher. One of the newer varieties is the captivating Platinum Mist. It features unusual platinum-green leaves that become even prettier when this Spath is in bloom. 

Similarly to other Spath species, the Platinum Mist requires moist soil, so you should irrigate the plant when the surface is dry to the touch. Remember, one of the common causes of a drooping peace lily is underwatering. 

12. Golden Patricia Peace Lily

Now we have another smaller peace lily species. Meet the Golden Patricia, an uncommon, yet incredibly beautiful, Spathiphyllum.

The leaves of the Golden Patricia Spath come in deep green and the lovely blossoms have a bright yellow interior

Since this peace lily doesn’t grow too tall or wide, it makes a perfect plant for small apartments or rooms. 

13. Peace Lily Sweet Rocco

You may have heard that peace lilies are often referred to as spoon plants because of the shape of their blossoms. Some species generate slightly different flowers, but those of the Sweet Rocco really look like spoons. 

This Spath rarely exceeds 19 inches tall and the great thing is that it can produce blossoms year-round if you meet all its requirements.

Even though the Sweet Rocco tolerates low light, I recommend exposing it to bright indirect light for the best results. 

14. Silver Cupido Peace Lily

Photo from:

The Silver Cupido is another Spath whose rich green leaves are adorned with silver variegations

Beginner growers often struggle with maintaining variegated species but the Silver Cupido is a pretty hardy plant, and as long as it has enough bright light it will flourish. Make sure not to expose your SIlver Cupido to direct sunlight as it can scorch and burn the foliage.

Here’s a video showing the Silver Cupido from all angles:

15. Peace Lily Bongo-Bongo

Many growers cultivate peace lilies because of their blossoms. Although the Bongo Bongo variety produces blossoms, the foliage is what makes the plant truly magnificent.

The leaves are huge and each can measure up to 12 inches. If you want them to reach this size and stay glossy green, you need to ensure enough humidity, preferably over 50%.

The Bongo Bongo can adorn your outdoor garden or patio, but only if you live in USDA hardiness zones 11 and 12

16. Peace Lily Figaro

Photo from:

This Spathiphyllum can reach approximately 2.5 feet tall when grown indoors. It has deep green foliage and the spathe is entirely white. 

If you ensure good drainage and hydrate the plant regularly without waterlogging the soil, it will generate a lot of leaves and blossoms. 

17. Sweet Chico Peace Lily

This peace lily is another relatively new variety. It has a narrow growth habit and won’t spread a lot in width. The leaves are slender, making this Spath different from its cousins. Interestingly, the leaves are densely packed around the plant base, which is pretty uncommon for a peace lily. 

This is actually a hybrid plant. The mother plant is the Sweet Benito, which I’ll describe in one of the next sections. 

Similarly to its parent plant, the Sweet Chico enjoys warmer temperatures from 68 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The Sweet Chico is a plant that enjoys eastern exposure.  

18. Peace Lily Sweet Sebastiano

Photo from:

Rocco and Chico aren’t the only sweet peace lilies. Meet the Sweet Sebastiano, an incredible Spathiphyllum variety with glossy green foliage and white blossoms. 

Along with the Sensation, Sweet Sebastiano is one of the biggest Spaths and can quickly reach 4 feet tall under the right conditions. This is one of my favorite peace lilies to grow in floor-standing containers. 

Each leaf can grow up to 11 inches long, so be careful when cleaning these plants because larger leaves can easily break. 

19. Power Petite Peace Lily

Photo from:

We’ve seen a couple of dwarf Spathiphyllum plants, but this is the smallest one. The Power Petite is a cute little peace lily that typically doesn’t exceed 10 inches tall

But, if you want to grow a Power Petite in your home, you might need to search because this variety isn’t common or available in all nurseries. I believe you would have a better chance if you searched for it online. 

20. Peace Lily Annette

Photo from:

What’s interesting about the Annette variety is that you can quickly confuse it for other peace lilies if you don’t look close enough. 

The leaves are deep green and the blossoms are white, which is pretty much the case with all Spaths. But the leaves of the Annette variety are variegated and slightly curved at the margins, and that’s the feature that makes the Annette a completely different species. 

The Annette isn’t fussy over growing conditions, and as long as it grows in a free-draining growing substrate and receives enough light and water, it will generate an abundance of flowers and new leaves. 

21. Vivaldi Peace Lily

Photo from:

Picasso isn’t the only artist that a peace lily has been named after! The Vivaldi peace lily is as remarkable as the Four Seasons composed by Vivaldi himself. 

This Spath adds a symphony of serene elegance to any decor because of the deep green, shiny leaves and blossoms that last through all four seasons

Simply keep your Vivaldi near a sunny window (avoid direct sunlight) and feed it monthly during the growing seasons using triple 10 fertilizer

22. Peace Lily Torelli

Photo from:

A Torelli will make an attractive addition to any household because of its massive leaves with softly drooping tips. This variety can grow up to 24 inches tall and develop into a neat, compact plant. 

The growing season of the Torelli species starts in spring so if you want to propagate or repot it, you should do it then. Cut back on watering your Torelli plant during the colder months, i.e., dormancy, because the plant doesn’t spend energy and you’ll only stress it. 

23. Clevelandii Peace Lily

This species is a medium-sized peace lily that typically reaches 3 feet tall when grown indoors. 

Interestingly, the Clevelandii plant produces large blossoms and even larger leaves, which make for one of the loveliest plants ever. 

The leaves come in a darker shade of green, so you have a perfect contrast between the foliage and blossoms. 

Of course, if you want your Clevenlandii to reach its maximum height and generate an abundance of blossoms, you need to keep it out of direct sunlight and never allow the water to accumulate in the growing substrate

24. Peace Lily Sweet Benito

Photo from:

I’ve shown you the Sweet Chico variety and now it’s time to meet its parent plant, the Sweet Benito. It is also among the newer Spaths, and what’s great about it is that new growth will appear sooner than with other peace lilies. 

The colors of the leaves and blossoms are the same as for the majority of other varieties, but the growth rate is significantly higher. 

Even though the Sweet Bonito can reach 3 feet tall, growers tend to keep it in a smaller container to make it bushier. 

25. Peace Lily Chopin

Photo from:

Plant professionals and scientists were once again inspired by a composer for this one. The Peace lily Chopin is a compact plant that doesn’t reach more than 2 feet tall

The foliage is emerald-green and perfectly complements the white blossoms with a yellowish interior. 

Similarly to its cousins, the Chopin is one of the most oxygen-producing plants, so you’ll not only get a stunning plant but it will also keep your air fresh

26. Blue Moon Peace Lily 

Photo from:

Well, the name says it all. This peace lily has lance-shaped, bluish leaves and can reach 3 feet tall when cultivated indoors. 

I highly recommend the Blue Moon Spath variety if you live in USDA zones 11 or 12 because it looks fascinating in an outdoor setting. 

The essential thing to remember is to allow the water to drain well after every watering. This will prevent waterlogging and consequently root rot. If you notice the leaves are turning yellow and the soil surface is getting soggy, cut back on watering.

27. Peace Lily Piccolino 

If you translate the word “piccolino” from Italian into English, you get the term “little one”. This is a dwarf Spath variety and won’t grow taller than 12 inches. If you live in a smaller apartment or you want to start with a smaller plant, then the Piccolino is a perfect choice. 

Because of its size, the Piccolino most frequently generates only one flower per plant. No matter the size, this plant will definitely make any room prettier and brighter. 

28. Little Angel Peace Lily

Photo from:

The Little Angel is the angel of peace lilies. It has a standard peace lily appearance, but it’s more of a miniature version. 

One of the best features of the Little Angel is that it produces blossoms faster than any other variety.

You can find the Little Angel in all plant stores and it’s easily propagated, so you can get a lot without spending a lot of money.  

29. Peace Lily Sweet Lauretta

Photo from:

Similarly to the Sweet Benito, the Sweet Lauretta has a faster growth rate so it’s a perfect plant for impatient growers. 

When compared to dwarf varieties, this 3-feet tall peace lily produces darker and glossier foliage. 

The leaves are lance-shaped and shine best if given enough bright light. This plant is generally pest- and disease-free if the growing conditions are suitable. Just like all other Spaths, the Sweet Lauretta is an excellent bathroom plant for moisture absorption

30. Peace Lily Sonia

The last beauty on our list is the Spathiphyllum Sonia. The compact stature of this variety distinguishes it from its cousins. The blossoms are white and add a touch of beauty to every interior. 

It’s a small, highly adaptable, and easy-to-maintain plant. If you are a novice gardener, you don’t need to search for a plant anymore because the Sonia has everything you need!

Wrapping Up

The peace lily’s captivating appearance and ease of maintenance have made it one of the most common plants in collections worldwide. 

You’ve seen 30 spectacular peace lily varieties, so I’m sure you found one you like! 

One thing is for certain, no matter which variety you choose, you’ll enjoy growing it. 

Be sure to pay attention to where you place your Spath because it’s toxic to humans and pets. 

Until next time!


1. BC Wolverton; WL Douglas; K Bounds (1989). Interior landscape plants for indoor air pollution abatement. NASA.

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