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17 Perfect Plants For Holiday Decorations

17 Perfect Plants For Holiday Decorations

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As the holiday season approaches, festive decorations steal the show; and what better way to bring the spirit of the season indoors than with the perfect holiday plants?

From classic evergreen to vibrant blooms, there are plenty of options you can use to have the prettiest table arrangement during this holiday season! 

Let’s make your home merry and bright with the best plants for a cheerful and cozy holiday vibe.  

1. Winterberry Holly

Winterberry holly is a showstopper during the holiday season. This plant is known for its bright red or yellow berries that adorn bare branches. If grown outdoors, these berries will attract lots of birds to your yard! 

However, you’ll need both female and male plants for them to produce berries. If you want to grow them, make sure you find a spot with well-draining and slightly acidic soil. These Winterberries can tolerate partial shade and full sun. 

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2. ‘Snowbells’ Christmas Rose

‘Snowbells’ Christmas rose is a winter-blooming plant that graces the holidays with its delicate, pure white flowers. These flowers resemble bells, creating a charming atmosphere during the festive days. 

You can either cut a few stems and pair them in fresh bouquets, or you can clip their beautiful white flowers and put them in a shallow glass bowl. 

Take good care of your ‘Snowbells’ christmas roses by planting them in a place with well-draining soil and partial to full shade. Add some mulch around its base to protect the roots from freezing. 

3. Kalanchoe

The wonderful kalanchoe is a popular succulent with vibrant, long-lasting flowers that bloom in shades of red, pink, white, or orange. Its compact size and profuse flowering make it an ideal choice for holiday arrangements. 

These low-maintenance plants are perfect for tabletop displays, centerpieces, or as gifts!

When taking care of Kalanchoe, make sure that they receive enough bright, indirect sunlight throughout the day. Grow them in well-draining soil and water them only when the soil dries out. 

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4. Stonehenge Yews

Now we’re onto elegant evergreen shrubs known for their dense, dark green foliage that add a classic touch to your holiday decor. They are mostly used to fill in winter plants and boxes, but you can also incorporate them into wreaths. 

Make sure your Stonehenge yews receive full sun to partial shade. They can easily grow in different soil types and are relatively low-maintenance. Prune your yews when required or to keep the desired shape. 

5. Castle Spire Blue Holly

Here is yet another holly variety that is perfect for holiday decorations! 

This cultivar also produces glossy, blue-green leaves and bright red berries. It adds a festive touch to holiday arrangements and is often used in wreaths. Keep in mind that you’ll still need a male counterpart in order to produce berries. 

Keep your Castle Spire Blue holly in full sun and partial shade. They will thrive in different soil types as long as they are well-draining. 

6. ‘Blue Glow’ Globe Thistle

Let’s make your holiday decorations colorful with ‘Blue Glow’ globe thistle flowers!

These perennial plants produce globe-shaped flowers with a wonderful dark blue shade. Although they are usually harvested in late summer, these flowers dry wonderfully, retaining their blue color and unique shape. 

Plant your ‘Blue Glow’ globe thistle in well-draining soil with full sun exposure. This is a drought-tolerant plant that can adapt to different conditions. If you like blue, make sure to check this out: 26 Most Beautiful Blue Flowers For Your Landscape

7. Gin Fizz Juniper

Here is yet another shrub that brings a winter wonderland vibe to holiday settings. 

Gin Fizz juniper is a vigorous, evergreen shrub that produces soft branches and silvery blue berries. These are often added to planters, window boxes, wreaths, or garlands.  

Plant your Juniper in a place with full sun and well-draining soil. You don’t have to worry about watering as this shrub is relatively tolerant to drought. Pruning can be done to maintain its shape, making it an easy-to-care-for option for holiday decorating. 

8. Poinsettia

Poinsettias are iconic holiday plants known for their vibrant red bracts, which are often mistaken for flowers. This is a classic holiday plant that looks great as an accent piece, but you can add it to floral arrangements as well. 

These exotic beauties like a lot of bright and indirect light. Remember to water your Euphorbia plucherrima every now and then and don’t let the soil completely dry out. Protect your Poinsettias from drafts and cold temperatures. 

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9. Ardisia

Ardisia, otherwise known as Christmas berry, is an evergreen shrub recognized for its glossy, dark green leaves and clusters of red berries. These berries were once white little flowers, adding a touch of elegance to your space. 

These wonderful holiday plants like a lot of bright, indirect light and slightly acidic soil that also drains well. With its festive berries and adaptability, Aridisa is definitely a charming addition to your holiday decorations.  

10. False Cypress

False cypress is a popular evergreen conifer known for its feathery and soft foliage that ranges from blue to green to gold. This shade-tolerant tree is a great addition to shady gardens, and its foliage can also be used for different holiday arrangements. 

Its conical shape makes it an ideal choice for outdoor containers. Consider adding Christmas lights or ornaments for a festive touch. 

Keep your False cypress in partial shade, although it might tolerate some sun exposure. This is a low-maintenance tree that can adapt to different soil conditions. Don’t forget to water your cypress, especially during the dry periods. 

11. Amaryllis

Amaryllis is a popular bulbous flowering plant, recognized for its large flowers that come in different shades, including pink, red, white, and variegated varieties. 

Their lovely flowers grow on tall stems, making them really great accent pieces for holiday decorations. Amaryllis bulbs are often gifted during the holidays, bringing joy and color into the home. 

Make sure to plant Amaryllis in well-draining soil. Place these beautiful bulbs in bright, indirect sunlight and remember to water sparingly 

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12. Panicle Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are robust, deciduous shrubs that produce large flower clusters in different colors. Dried panicle hydrangea flowers are perfect for holiday bouquets because of their rich pomegranate red color. 

You can also use them in garlands, wreaths, or as standalone arrangements. Some even add glitter or gold paint on their leaves and use them as decorations for the tree!

It’s quite easy to take care of the Panicle hydrangea – simply plant them in well-draining soil with full sun to partial shade. They can adapt to different soil types. Cut Panicle hydrangeas to encourage new growth. 

13. Red Twig Dogwood

Grow your own bundles of twigs instead of paying for overpriced ones during the holiday season. Red twig dogwood is a great way to start. This is an easy-to-grow shrub known for its vibrant red stems. 

The bold red stems make it a standout choice for winter and holiday decorations. Add pruned branches to wreaths, outdoor arrangements, or garden containers. They create a striking contrast to an otherwise dull background. 

This low-maintenance shrub can adapt to different soil types, but it thrives in well-draining ones. Red twig dogwood is a type of shrub that can adapt to both full sun and partial shade. Don’t forget to water it from time to time because the shrub prefers moist soil. 

14. Lavender

Did you know that herbs are also often used for holiday decorations?

The most frequently grown herbaceous plant is lavender, which offers a unique blend of color and scent thanks to its narrow, aromatic leaves and small, fragrant flowers. 

This plant looks like a tiny tree and is often coupled with other herbs, like rosemary or sage. Now, your holiday decoration will look and smell amazing. Plus, you can use it to make delicious holiday meals, too! 

Don’t worry, lavender is quite easy to grow – full sun and well-draining soil will keep your herb happy and healthy. Good air circulation will protect the plant from fungal diseases, especially powdery mildew. 

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15. Cyclamen 

Cyclamen produces heart-shaped leaves with prominent, red flowers protruding from the lush foliage and hanging on tall, red stems. These unique features make cyclamen the perfect holiday decoration!

This plant works really well in a tabletop arrangement. Its blooms add a burst of color during the winter months, creating a cheerful and festive atmosphere indoors. 

Cyclamen varieties grow well in bright, indirect sunlight and soil that drains well. Keep the soil moist but don’t overwater it. These winter-blooming plants thrive in cooler temperatures. 

16. Aglaonema

Aglaonema plants are popular houseplants known for their attractive, variegated foliage. These large, broad leaves come in various shades of green, pink, white, or red, depending on the cultivar. 

Aglaonema’s lush and colorful foliage makes it an ideal choice for home decorations. These truly bring a welcoming atmosphere to any room. 

Bright, indirect light and well-draining soil will keep your Aglaonema healthy. Let the soil dry out between watering and maintain a consistent temperature. 

17. Boxwood

We are ending our list with a versatile evergreen shrub called boxwood. You might have heard of a boxwood hedge, but these lovely shrubs can also be used for holiday decorations thanks to their dense leaves and compact growth. 

Boxwood’s dense and uniform growth makes it an excellent choice for shaping into decorative forms like cones, spheres or rectangles. But you can also clip small branches together and attach these bundles to wreaths and garlands. 

These shrubs grow best in areas with partial to full sunlight and well-draining soil. Regular pruning can help keep it nice and tidy, but also encourage new growth. 

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