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This Is The Best Way To Grow Strawberry Mint Plant

This Is The Best Way To Grow Strawberry Mint Plant

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If you love to drink Mojitos, then you should definitely consider growing a Strawberry mint plant!

This lovely plant produces green leaves that have a fruity fragrance and taste, and they are the reason Mojitos are so delicious and refreshing!

However, this is not the only reason you should grow this plant — Strawberry mint is a mint herb that has numerous medical and culinary uses. Not to mention the lovely, lilac flowers that will definitely make your garden or balcony look prettier.

Let’s learn more about this medicinal herb and how to grow it!

Strawberry Mint Plant: Common Features

Mentha Spicata, the common name Strawberry mint plant, is a compact mint variety that can grow in various conditions. This hardy plant grows perfectly fine in any type of soil!

This bare-root plant produces small green leaves that have a mesmerizing fragrance — trust me, my entire balcony smells amazing!

It can grow about 23 inches tall, and a live plant needs a 3-inch container for proper growth. Mentha Spicata ‘Strawberry’ thrives in USDA hardiness zones 4 to 9.

This herb is also a great companion plant because it attracts pollinators, beneficial insects, moths, and bees. Keep in mind that this plant is toxic to cats and dogs, though we can eat it normally.

Medicinal Uses

We have a saying in my town: “For every disease, there is a plant that can cure it”. Well, one of those plants is definitely the Strawberry mint plant!

This medicinal herb is great for treating Irritable bowel syndrome, and people who suffer from this issue can drink a tea made out of this mint variety every single day — there are no side effects!

It also has antibacterial properties and can prevent harmful bacteria from spreading to the rest of the body.

We are all familiar with peppermint chewing gum, which is great for getting rid of bad breath. Well, Strawberry mint also does wonders, and it doesn’t contain the chemicals that are usually found in most chewing gums.

Drinking tea made out of Mentha Spicata ‘Strawberry’ is great for anxiety and stress relief. The crushed leaves can also be put on the temples and forehead to relieve headaches.

Culinary Uses

This mint has numerous culinary uses. Besides making delicious tea and adding them to mojitos, you can also make a mint sauce or syrup and add them to fruity salads or any other dish.

You will need at least 5 mint leaves to make a flavor-rich tea and get all those medical benefits that come with it!

Pro tip: Use this mint tea to water your plants from time to time.

How To Grow A Strawberry Mint Plant

Strawberry mint is an easy-to-grow plant. They are usually grown in hanging baskets or containers. You can try and grow other mint varieties, such as chocolate mint, spearmint, mountain mint, peppermint, and so on.

How To Plant Strawberry Mint Plant

As we mentioned, this mint should be planted in a 3-inch container. We usually grow herbs in containers as they tend to get invasive. However, if you plant them in your garden, make sure to pluck the flowers and seed pods because they will start growing as soon as they hit the ground.

The best time to plant this mint variety would be in the spring, and you don’t have to worry about the location because they can also grow well in shaded areas. Make sure to keep them 20 inches apart from each other.

If you are practicing companion planting, then note that mint is a good chamomile companion plant.

How To Take Care Of The Strawberry Mint Plant

This is probably one of the easiest care guides you will ever come across. These herbs can grow in various soil types, though they thrive best in acidic soil. However, pH levels can vary, and they can grow perfectly fine in alkaline soils as well.

Strawberry mint does not like to grow in soggy soil, so water them only when the soil has completely dried out.

Mint varieties prefer temperatures from 55 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, though they can tolerate lower temperatures. Bear in mind that they are not frost-hardy, so if you live in a region with a colder climate, make sure to bring your mint indoors.

Fertilize them with an all-purpose fertilizer at the beginning of the growing season and then again after six weeks.

Be careful when cultivating strawberry mint because it is susceptible to pests like spider mites and mealybugs, and they also suffer from a plant disease known as rust. Always check the underside of the leaves for any signs of infestation, and use pesticide or fungicide to get rid of them,

How To Harvest Strawberry Mint Plant

You can harvest strawberry mint immediately in the spring, and it will keep producing new leaves throughout the growing season. The plant should be cut at least an inch from the ground, and flowers and leaves should be used immediately after being harvested.

However, you can also store them in the freezer or in an airtight container.

To Sum Up

Strawberry mint is a great plant for beginner gardeners, chefs, or any mojito lovers out there!

They are easy to grow; you can simply leave them on a balcony and water them every now and then, or you can use fertilizer to get more leaves in a growing season.

With so many medicinal and culinary uses, who wouldn’t want to have a fresh strawberry mint plant nearby?!

I hope this article was helpful.

Until next time!

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