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Make Sure Your Homemade Tomatoes Produce Juicy Fruit With These Amazing Tips

Make Sure Your Homemade Tomatoes Produce Juicy Fruit With These Amazing Tips

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Say hello to the most delicious fruit ever! It’s the one and only, Tomato.

I’ve been planting them for years now, and I can only say that tomatoes go with every dish. Especially when it comes to salads, because this boy can make them even better!

It’s really easy to grow them, but the real problem comes in the “waiting for them to grow” process. And the absolute worst nightmare is when they don’t produce any fruit at all!

All I have to say is – don’t panic! What seems to be the real tragedy can actually be avoided in just a few steps. Here’s how!

#1 Don’t Let The Sun Burn Your Red Buddies

Oh no, don’t let your tomatoes burn! They are not really fans of extreme heat. If these little guys are exposed to high temperatures, they will become stressed, and this will prevent you from having fresh and tasty fruits. Even if a few of them survive, they will be too small. 

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I know you want large tomatoes that you can use to make different dishes or save them for delicious canned recipes! You can always use a net and place it over tomatoes if you live in a really sunny place.

This will not only prevent insects from reaching and destroying them, but it will also serve as a parasol! You can have a little party in the garden. If you set up sprinklers, your red friends will feel like they are at the beach!

#2 Get Some Bumble Bees To Buzz Around Your Plant 

Tomatoes are mostly self-pollinating, but the presence of bees and wind will help you grow them more effectively. Wondering how? It’s simple, no pollination, no fruit! If you notice that something is not right, here is what you can do!

If you’re growing tomatoes in a greenhouse, open the windows so that bumblebees have better access and can successfully complete their task! 

No bees in your area? No problem. Take a brush and go from flower to flower, gently shaking the plant. This way, you will replace the bees and be of great help to your tomato plants!

#3 Make Sure Your Tomatoes Are Well Fed And Don’t Forget To Fertilize Them

Hey, it’s feeding time for the tomatoes! Make sure to plant them in the most fertile soil you have. Feed them with an organic fertilizer rich in potassium and calcium. Potassium plays a crucial role because it encourages flowers to produce as many fruits as possible. 

Without proper nutrition, you won’t get fruits. Just be careful when it comes to fertilizer. We all know it’s not healthy to overeat, it’s like saying ‘just one more bite’ until you realize you had too much. I can relate, I’ve been there too!

Here Comes The Secret Formula For Growing Tomatoes Like Crazy

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Are you ready? The secret formula for growing large, juicy fruits lies in pruning, and this plays a big role in cultivation

You should go around the tomato plant every day and cut off parts of the plant to improve growth and have as many fruits as possible! 

They will use up all the energy from your flowers. That’s why you need to get rid of them and don’t let those annoying branches destroy your fruit!

Now that you know why your tomatoes are not producing fruit, nothing can stop you from starting over and overcoming every obstacle that comes your way! 

With these tips, I grew the juiciest and best tomatoes ever! I even had to call my friends for help during the harvest because they just kept growing. Crazy, right? But, then again, nothing can beat freshly picked homemade tomatoes from your garden!