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These Are The 4 Prettiest Types Of Lilies That Will Bloom In Your Garden All Summer Long

These Are The 4 Prettiest Types Of Lilies That Will Bloom In Your Garden All Summer Long

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Lilies are among the most beautiful flowers you can grow in your garden. Not only will your garden smell like the most expensive perfume, but their appearance will create the aesthetic vibes you’ve always wanted in your yard!

There are many types that you won’t be able to resist! These beauties will definitely steal the spotlight from every other plant.

Folks, prepare yourself a cold drink, because it’s finally time to see the list of lily types that will bloom all summer long!

#1 You Won’t Hear A Big Roar From Tiger Lily 

This flower has a truly frightening name, but you need to chill because tiger lilies are not that scary. They don’t walk on all fours and run after you around the garden!

These lilies come in a beautiful peachy color with tiny freckles, making them unique. You’ll have a real-life Pippi Longstocking in the garden, but in the shape of a flower! 

If you plant too many of them, like I did, you can take a couple and make a bouquet to surprise your friends! I’ve made a habit of making different bouquets every week and giving them to my besties! You can find different varieties such as pink, white, and red tiger lilies. 

These blossoms require a lot of sun! It’s ideal to plant them in a place where they will receive plenty of light (tiger lilies need to tan their tiny freckles)!

#2 Bring Elegance To Your Yard With Trumpet Lilies 

Here is another beautiful lily that you can find in yellow, pink, and white colors! These varieties will blow you away, so prepare your garden for the amazing Pink Planet, African Queen, and Regale.

Tiny trumpets require full exposure to the sun so they can keep you company all summer! If you still decide to stay at home during your vacation, you won’t feel lonely next to an incredible trumpeter.

I could say that you won’t notice the trumpet flowers because they are easy to maintain. But, trust me, once you catch their scent while walking in the garden they will capture all your attention!

#3 Don’t Give Up On Planting Oriental Hybrids

Don’t be discouraged by the fact that Oriental hybrids are considered difficult to grow. Nothing is too challenging for brave gardeners like you! Here’s one secret that helped me to successfully grow them.

Remember, oriental lilies must be planted in a sunny spot. What happens when your cuties don’t have enough light? Well, their stems will weaken and they won’t be able to hold beautiful flowers. Do everything in your power to not let those blooms fall down!

Their varieties include Star Gazer, Casa Blanca, Journey’s End, and Mona Lisa. These lilies have the coolest names! They come in pink, white, red, and yellow. Quite a huge choice, right?

#4 Attract Buzzing Buddies With Asiatic Hybrids

A big round of applause for Rosella’s Dream, Black Spider, Brunello, and Fire King! These are some of the popular types of Asiatic hybrids, and are available in orange, black (believe it or not), pink, and white.

These flowers will attract butterflies and other pollinators, becoming their best friends throughout the season.

They also need to be planted in a sunny part of your yard. This will allow them to grow strongly and produce their colorful flowers.

Beware of deer, as they love to nibble on the flowers. Trust me, I learned this the hard way. If you see deer near your garden, you must protect the flowers at any cost!

You’re excited, aren’t you? I couldn’t stop smiling when I saw them in my garden for the first time. You will feel the same way, trust me!

That’s it for today, I hope you have already picked your favorite! If you haven’t, then good luck because you’ll have a hard time deciding!