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These 5 Plants Becomes Besties With Your Lilacs When Planted Next To Them

These 5 Plants Becomes Besties With Your Lilacs When Planted Next To Them

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It’s springtime! The question remains – what should we plant?

If you want to decorate your garden with a purple color that gives you a cottage vibe, then lilacs are the perfect choice! But wait. Why plant only one flower? Lilacs are definitely social butterflies, and they crave the company of their friends.

In that regard, these 5 breathtaking plants are perfect for adding color to your garden, as they go together with lilacs like peanut butter and jelly!

#1 Amazing Cherry Trees Will Bloom At The Same Time As Lilacs 

Do you like the color pink? 

Then you definitely have to plant cherry trees next to your lilacs. They bloom at the same time, so you will enjoy their beautiful colors throughout the season. Your garden will look like it’s straight out of a fairy tale, offering you an incredible view. 

You’ll amaze every passer-by and leave them speechless. Plus, it will attract so many pollinators such as butterflies and bees, who will also fall in love and admire your plants. 

Credit: Pinterest

The cherry tree protects the lilacs, growing tall and defending them from their enemies (such as annoying larvae)! Isn’t that wonderful, like a real older sibling?

#2 If You Want To Keep The Lilac Color In Your Garden, Add Tulips

Did you know that tulips can be lilac too? Oh yeah! Once the lilacs have come and gone, their beautiful color display in the garden doesn’t have to end.

Credit: Pinterest

These little friends bloom in late spring and restore the shine that could have been lost! 

It’s like the lilacs are stepping down from the throne, and the tulips are coming in to take over the crown. If you want to have a real kingdom in your garden, then you should plant these princesses!

#3 Don’t Forget To Plant Grape Hyacinths, They Are Like Sisters To Syringa

You have to combine lilacs with grape hyacinths because they are like sisters. Yes, you read that right! Back in the day, I even thought that these two were basically the same, but now – I know they’re different.

They look alike because of their similar color and tiny flowers. That’s why people sometimes mix them up.

Credit: Pinterest

These little sisters grow up together, supporting each other. When you wake up and go outside to enjoy your morning coffee, their scent will make your day instantly better!

#4 Daylilies Bring Fiery Color To Your Yard And Will Blend In Perfectly With Lilacs

Daylilies truly hypnotize with their appearance. Their amazing colors and flowers are the perfect decoration for any garden

I planted these two cuties in the flower garden and I can only tell you that they are an ideal match for each other! The fiery color of tulips will go perfectly with the purple color of lilacs. I got the aesthetic vibe that I always wanted in my yard!

Credit: Pinterest

Did you know that these beasties are actually edible? Are you craving something sweet? No problem! You can make great sweets from their delicious flowers!

#5 Don’t Let The Name Scare You Away, Because Creeping Phlox Is One Of The Cutest Flowers

Don’t let the name of this sweet plant scare you. It’s like the cutest plant ever with the vanilla scent. You see that phlox is not a bad guy after all! 

Credit: Pinterest

You will get a perfect combination if you plant them next to each other! Lilacs have large, lush flowers, while phlox have smaller, drooping ones. That’s why you can plant phlox above the lilacs so that they fall over underneath them.

The only thing left is for you to decide which of these magical plants you will choose. Or you can choose them all!

You know that every plant has its own story, but together they bloom in harmony. Hurry up! Find the perfect buddy for your purple beauty.