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30 Breathtaking Varieties Of Rex Begonias Ideal For Indoor Gardening

30 Breathtaking Varieties Of Rex Begonias Ideal For Indoor Gardening

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Rex begonias are popular plants known for their stunning foliage, which boasts a range of colors, patterns, and textures that combine in the most perfect ways! 

What’s also interesting is that there are over 4,000 varieties of rex begonias, so I’m sure that everyone can find one that suits their style. You can easily find different begonias online, but you can also look for them in your local garden center. 

In this article, we are going to talk about different varieties of rex begonias and also how to grow them. Let’s get started! 

1. Jurassic ‘Silver Swirl’

Jurassic ‘Silver Swirl’ is a popular rex begonia variety from the Jurassic series. It features silvery leaves with unusual swirls and patterns. The leaves are typically large and asymmetrical, making it a true standout in any collection of indoor plants. 

If you want to grow it outdoors, please note that this plant can only grow in USDA hardiness zones 10 through 11. The Jurassic ‘Silver Swirl’ begonia grows best in slightly acidic soil that drains well. 

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2. ‘Yamileth’

Here is a begonia variety that produces medium-sized leaves. Although they are a bit smaller, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t stunning!

This variety has foliage with intricate patterns of silver and green that fade into dark purple around the margins. This compact plant creates a vibrant appearance indoors.

If you want to grow them outdoors, you can pair your begonias with geraniums – these have lovely flowers that combine perfectly with the unique begonia’s leaves.  

3. ‘Cowardly Lion’

‘Cowardly Lion’ is a begonia variety that lives up to its name with its dramatic, lion-like appearance. Its leaves are known for their deep, rich shades of green, red, and bronze with velvety textures. 

Make sure that your lion plant grows in indirect sunlight and don’t let temperatures drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Also keep humidity levels high (use a humidifier or create a pebble tray). 

4. ‘Ring Of Fire’

The ‘Ring of Fire’ begonia is a fiery variety that produces pointy leaves with splashes of red in the middle and silver around the edges. If you want to add a subtle pop of color to a room, this begonia is the perfect choice to spice things up!

You can grow them in terracotta pots that match their colors. However, you can also combine them with other plants to create breathtaking scenery. For instance, the ‘Angel wing’ begonia would be a perfect contrast to it. 

5. ‘Flamenco’

‘Flamenco’ is a variety that dances with color and patterns. Its leaves are characterized by small, vibrant shades of green, red, and silver. The foliage has unusual variegations that resemble the lively steps of a flamenco dance! 

To grow this lively variety, make sure that you keep it away from direct sunlight. Ideal temperatures for the ‘Flamenco’ begonia are between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t expose your plant to cold drafts. 

6. ‘Marmaduke’

‘Marmaduke’ is a fun begonia variety known for its vibrant and large three-lobed leaves with yellow edges. It is a lively and charming addition to any indoor garden. 

‘Marmaduke’ is often paired with trailing begonias, but you can also add some flowering plants to spruce up the space. Make sure to keep it in bright, indirect light with warm temperatures between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. 

7. ‘Rumba’

Here’s yet another dancing begonia variety. ‘Rumba’ is known for its elegant and exotic appearance. It produces small, heart-shaped leaves with a deep green color and berry-pink variegations. 

Let your ‘Rumba’ begonia dance in a location with bright, indirect light and high humidity. Well-draining soil that is also slightly acidic will keep your ‘Rumba’ thriving. 

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8. ‘Jive’

‘Jive’ is a Rex begonia variety that adds a lively and artistic touch to your indoor garden. It produces heart-shaped leaves that have a bright lime color. The edges of the leaves are spotted with red variegations. 

The ‘Jive’ variety grows best in fertile and slightly acidic soil, along with exposure to bright, indirect light. ‘Jive,’ like other Rex begonias, thrives in higher humidity levels, so utilize a humidifier or other humidity-enhancing methods. 

9. ‘Froggy’

‘Froggy’ is a silly begonia variety that has frog-like patterns on its leaves, hence the name. The leaves typically feature shades of green and silver, with dark veins and intricate markings that resemble a frog’s skin.

Combine this variety with a dark burgundy ipomoea – this plant helps those unique patterns to really stand out! 

10. ‘River Nile’

Similar to ‘Jive’, the ‘River Nile’ variety also has lime green leaves with reddish-brown edges that are also ruffled. It is a large plant that looks great with coral bells, for instance. 

Protect your ‘River Nile’ from harsh, direct sunlight. Maintain temperatures between 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. This plant also benefits from higher humidity. 

11. ‘Red Tango’

‘Red Tango’ is another dancing variety that produces leaves with pink, white, and green patterns along with dark centers and green maragains. These leaves are small and pointy, but they can still add intensity to any indoor garden. 

You can pair them with any pink flower and they will combine perfectly with the unique colors on their leaves. In case you need some ideas, check out these 10 Indoor Plants That Flower All Year Round For Everlasting Beauty.

12. ‘Fireworks’

‘Fireworks’ is a variety that lives up to its name with explosive and captivating foliage. The leaves typically feature vibrant shades of green, silver, and red, creating a dazzling and dynamic appearance. 

This lovely begonia can be paired with a Japanese-painted fern with red stems and silver leaves to create a perfect contrast. 

13. ‘Curly Fireflush’

This beautiful begonia variety has frosty green leaves with bright red edges – these unusual color patterns create a mesmerizing and textured appearance. Dark centers and red veins add a bit of an edge to it. 

You can pair this plant with any red flower, or use another begonia variety such as a tuberous begonia. Remember to keep the soil moist but not soggy, and keep your plant away from direct sunlight.

14. T-Rex ‘Painter’s Palette’

This is an effortless variety that showcases a colorful display of red, green, white, and silver, thus resembling a vivid artist’s palette. It’s usually paired with alocasias or any other tropical plant with large leaves. 

Just like other begonia varieties, you should grow the ‘Painter’s palette’ in slightly acidic soil that is also fertile and well-draining. Keep the humidity levels high and temperatures relatively warm. 

15. ‘Salsa’

The ‘Salsa’ variety features leaves with a blend of striking colors, including shades of green, silver, and red. Dark green veins running through the leaves’ surfaces combine everything perfectly. ‘Salsa’ truly brings an energetic touch to indoor gardens. 

This dancing begonia variety is usually combined with a neutral vine (Senecio ivy is the perfect candidate for it!). 

16. T-Rex ‘Ruby Slippers’

Here is yet another variety from the T-Rex series, the ‘Ruby Slippers’. This plant is known for its rich and deep hues of red, bronze, and silver on its leaves. The leaves are irregularly shaped and perfect for gothic styles. 

You can combine them with some dark purple houseplants or you can use begonias from the Jurassic series. 

17. Jurassic ‘Watermelon’

The ‘Jurassic Watermelon’ is a large begonia variety that has pointed leaves with deep burgundy centers and pink to green variegations. You might even see some white spots within the green parts, which makes this plant look like a watermelon. 

To grow this unique plant, you should plant it in a well-draining soil that is also fertile. Keep the temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity around 50%. Combine it with some colorful flowers to make your place bright and lively.

18. ‘Satin Jazz’

The ‘Satin Jazz’ has pointy leaves with ruffled ends. The leaves feature silvery and burgundy colors, thus creating a smooth and satin-like appearance. The ‘Satin Jazz’ begonia adds an elegant and artistic flair to your plant collection. 

Combine this begonia with any flowering plant that has brightly colored flowers – these will truly stand out next to those silvery-white leaves. 

19. ‘Paul Gibory’

The pointy, heart-shaped leaves produced by the begonia ‘Paul Gibory’ can hardly go unnoticed. Besides their unusual shape, the leaves also have different colors and small, hair-like follicles that grow on the surfaces. 

You can grow this plant as a statement plant because it can get quite big, or you can contrast it with a cascade palm to create that tropical vibe.  

20. ‘Fairy’

This variety also has pointy leaves with unique colors – frosted silver with a purple center. The margins of the leaves are also purple to light pink. The ‘Fairy’ begonia can truly make your living space look like a fairy-tale! 

You can combine it with ferns or any type of purple flower (in case you want to have a monochromatic color palette). 

21. Jurassic ‘Cherry Spike’

Here is yet another variety from the Jurassic series. It showcases rich shades of cherry red and silver on its leaves, along with distinctive spikes that add a touch of drama and intrigue to its appearance. 

This large plant looks great in a white or black container. You can pair it with white flowers or hostas that would highlight the unique begonia’s features. 

22. ‘China Curl’

The ‘China Curl’ is a variety known for its gracefully curled and textured leaves. The leaves are heart-shaped and feature a combination of green, silver, and red. These unique combinations of color create an elegant and artistic look. 

You can combine them with other red or white flowering plants. Just make sure to keep these plants in bright, indirect sunlight and warm temperatures. Higher humidity is also preferable. 

23. Jurassic ‘Silver Point’

This is yet another large begonia from the Jurassic series. It produces large leaves with velvety black centers and margins. Patches of frosty silver and pink protrude in the midsection of the leaves. 

Jurassic ‘Silver Point’ is often combined with some type of dark houseplant, but you can also pair them with white flowers. 

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24. ‘Harmony’s Fire Woman’

‘Harmony’s Fire Woman’ is a rex begonia variety that lives up to its fiery name with vivid and rich foliage. The leaves typically feature shades of green, silver, and red, with black splotches in the middle. 

You can pair this rex begonia variety with some type of purple houseplant, such as the purple spider plant. Just make sure that you take good care of both plants!  

25. ‘Maui Sunset’

If you love tropical colors, then you are definitely going to love the ‘Maui Sunset’ begonia. The leaves feature a vibrant palette of green, silver, and hints of pink and red. This plant truly looks like a sunset and adds a touch of the tropics to your living space. 

Take good care of the ‘Maui Sunset’ by protecting it from harsh, direct sunlight and keeping a consistent temperature between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. 

26. ‘Red Kiss’

Here is yet another rex begonia variety known for its rich and romantic foliage. The leaves have deep shades of red with a velvety black center and margins. The ‘Red Kiss’ adds a touch of love and drama to your indoor garden.

You can grow it as a statement plant due to its dramatic appearance or you can combine it with other plants to create lovely scenery.  

27. ‘Escargot’

The ‘Escargot’ is one of my favorites among these rex begonia varieties. Its swirling leaves with silvery patterns look exactly like a snail shell. The undersides of the leaves have a reddish color, contrasting with the silvery surface. 

This plant is also usually grown as a statement plant due to its unique appearance, but you can combine them with other plants (for instance, you can grow snake plants that fit perfectly with their sword-like leaves). 

28. ‘Stained Glass’

Here is yet another rex begonia variety that has red leaves with silvery variegations. Dark purple veins protrude from the midsection, thus adding a dramatic effect to their appearance. This plant is also often combined with white flowers. 

29. ‘Ballet’

This is another dancing variety. The ‘Ballet’ is a petite rex begonia with small, heart-shaped leaves that are green, silver, and have hints of pink and red. This charming plant is an elegant addition to your living space. 

You can pair it with other begonias – these fit ideally with those from the Jurassic series. Nonetheless, they also look good with flowering plants. 

30. ‘Paso Doble’

We are finishing our list with a variety named after a popular Spanish dance, the Paso doble. With its captivating green, silver, and red leaves, the ‘Paso Doble’ variety truly adds a touch of dance and rhythm to your indoor garden. 
Combine this rex begonia with other pink begonias, or use some pink flowers to make the collection more colorful.

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