Coffee grounds are good for roses, but they shouldn’t be the only fertilizer that you use.

They don’t contain phosphorus and potassium, so there wouldn’t be enough flowers for you to relish in if you just used these as your fertilizer.

How To Use Coffee Grounds

Coffee grinds can be used in a variety of ways, but the most common ones are adding it to your compost heap or making a liquid fertilizer out of it.

Benefits Of Coffee Grounds For Roses

1. Promote Healthy Development 2. Improve Drainage And Aeration 3. Food Source For Worms 4. Repel Pests 5. Increase Soil Acidity

Potential Issues Of Coffee Grounds For Roses

The high nitrogen level can: 1. lead to bushes that don’t bloom. 2. lead to infestations. 3. make the soil too acidic.

When Should You Fertilize Roses?

Feed them during their growing season. You can start fertilizing your rose garden in early spring.

4 Signs That Roses Need Fertilizer

1. Leaf Discoloration 2. Reduction In Size 3. Distorted Foliage 4. Scorched Tips

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