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Learn All About The Potato Growing Stages

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Let’s find out about the potato growing stages and the factors that influence their growth.

Sprout Development

After planting, the first thing you’ll see is potato eyes emerging out of the ground and developing sprouts.

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Vegetative Growth

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The sprouts are now visible and the stems, leaves, and roots start developing.

Tuber Initiation

Underground stems are called stolons and tuber formation begins at the stolon tips. Stolons grow approximately 18-23 inches below the topsoil.

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Tuber Bulking

Tuber bulking is the fourth stage in potato plant development. The tubers’ cells swell and start water, sugar, carbohydrate, and nutrient build-up.

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The last potato growing stage is maturation, and at this stage photosynthesis slows down.

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Your potatoes should be ready for harvest in about three months. If you plan to store them, you should leave them to die (mature).


A final storage area should have: - Moderate to high humidity - Enough aeration - Temperature ranging from 38 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit

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