Keep reading to find out how to identify an underwatered string of hearts, how to differentiate if underwatering or overwatering has caused the issue, and how to fix it.

Signs Of An Underwatered String Of Hearts

The signs of an underwatered string of hearts include: 1. Dry soil 2. Shriveling 3. Curling 4. Browning 5. Thinning leaves

Underwatered vs Overwatered String Of Hearts

The symptoms of an overwatered string of hearts are 1. Yellow leaves 2. Root rot 3. Edema, 4. Mushy soil with an unpleasant smell

How To Revive Ceropegia Woodii

Luckily, you can do a couple of things to revive your chain of hearts. This includes: 1. Changing your watering habits 2. Adjusting the light 3. Increasing the humidity 4. Choosing a new pot 5. Repotting 6. Propagating

How To Water A String Of Hearts

1. Water your Ceropegia plant twice a month during the growing season 2. Your string of hearts will grow best if you water it with filtered or rainwater. 3. Water the plant using the bottom watering technique.

String Of Hearts Care Guide

A lot of bright indirect light, warmer temperatures, moderate humidity, a well-draining, and porous succulent soil mix, and fertilizers made for succulents will keep your string of hearts happy and healthy.

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