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Join The No-Mow May Movement: Skip Mowing Your Lawn This Month And See The Magic Unfold

Join The No-Mow May Movement: Skip Mowing Your Lawn This Month And See The Magic Unfold

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Lawn owners are sharpening the blades on their mowers and preparing to bring their lawns to perfection. If you’re one of them, hold it right there! 

I know it’s completely expected that we mow our lawns in May, but maybe you should rethink it. The reason? It’s No Mow May!

I was pretty skeptical about this odd movement but decided to join it 3 years ago, and I have to say that it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 

Trust me, your lawn will thank you. Now, let’s kick off our No-Mow adventure and see the wonders unfold!  

This Is The Story Behind No-Mow May

To understand everything better, we need to go back to 2019 when it all started. No-Mow May was a campaign that invited gardeners to skip mowing their lawns for 31 days. 

You may already know we have recently lost a great number of meadows filled with native, nectar-rich blossoms. Bees and butterflies are the most affected by this because it is their main food source. 

To ensure food for these beneficial creatures, we needed to do something. And that’s how the idea of No-Mow May was born. Allowing plants to grow and bloom will bring more nectar and more nectar means more butterflies and bees. Yes, it’s that simple!

I have always been interested in the concept of wildlife gardens and the ways we can contribute to biodiversity. Well, participating in No-Mow May is definitely a huge step toward it.

Some lawn owners skip mowing for even longer to encourage more flowers for insects. I’m sure you’re thinking about the appearance of their lawns, but that should really be our last concern. 

We are the ones responsible for the lack of food in wildlife and we’re the ones that should fix it!

If You Want To Go With No-Mow May, First Do This

I’m more than satisfied with the results and amount of pollinators in my yard since I joined the No-Mow May movement. 

However, there are a few things you need to do before you just leave your mower in storage for another month.

First, you need to check which plants you have in your yard. For experienced growers, this won’t be a hard task. But for beginners, things will probably be more complicated.

If you don’t have anyone to consult with, use the power of the Internet and apps that can identify plants. Look, I’m not a tech junkie, but when it comes to my plants, I’m always more than willing to learn. 

So, your goal is to have as many native plants in your yard as possible. Non-native species can harm local ecosystems, including existing plants and wildlife, so you should remove them.

What if you don’t have any native species? Sow wildflowers! If you haven’t done it before, simply mow your lawn down to about 2 inches, scatter the seeds, and cover them lightly with soil

I have to warn you that you shouldn’t use pesticides if you decide to make your yard wildlife and pollinator-friendly. I use the companion planting method to keep pests at bay and, if I spot any, I treat them with natural solutions, such as neem oil

Skip Cutting Your Grass And Enjoy These Benefits

Attracting pollinators and wildlife may be the biggest benefit of No-Mow May but it’s definitely not the only one. Here’s what you get if you decide to use it:

Grass Won’t Be Greener In Neighbor’s Yard

Look, I’m not obsessed with or jealous of my neighbor’s lush lawn, but if there’s a way to have a better lawn, then why not use it? No-Mow May helped me with this because the longer the grass, the more nutrients it holds

This may sound odd since we mow to get these results, but the truth is obviously different. 

Long grass blades have reserves of nutrients and it will benefit the roots and their overall health

Your Water Bill Will Be Way Lower

No one talks about the high water bills of gardeners and lawn owners, but we can’t deny it even considering all the benefits of growing plants. 

By skipping mowing for a month, you’ll save water and some money. Once the grass blades grow long, they’ll cast a shade over the soil and it will drain slower

Well, summer is all about watering and preventing plants from drying up, so why not use this opportunity to take a rest before temperatures rise?

Weeds Won’t Be A Big Problem Anymore

And the award for the most annoying thing in gardening goes to…weeds! Removing weeds from lawns is time-consuming and, just when you think it’s over, these nuisances seem to poke through the soil again.

The great news is that you won’t have to worry much about weeds if you stop mowing your lawn for a month. Long grass will prevent weed seeds from germinating by blocking the sunlight. It’s a win-win situation!

You’ll Have More Time For Other Garden Activities

Even if you like mowing your lawn, you’ll agree when I say that this activity takes a lot of time and effort

Simply use this free time for other chores. You know which is my favorite? Watching little bees and butterflies munching on nectar on my unmown lawn!

Once June Arrives, These Are The Steps You Should Take

Well, what happens after May ends? Should you take your mower and mow everything down to the ground? If you embrace the concept of wildlife and pollinator-friendly gardens, you may want to continue with this practice in the months to come. 

Ok, this isn’t about letting your grass and wildflowers grow unruly. If you have a large lawn, you can reserve a part of it for wildflowers only

For smaller yards, you can leave a thin patch of native flowers or even grow some in pots

You don’t have to mow too frequently, your lawn will still look beautiful even if it’s not mowed as soon as the grass blades start growing. 

There are really a lot of options here and the benefits are just amazing. 

So, what’s it gonna be? Mow or No-Mow May? The latter is, I daresay, a better option! Spend your May admiring the flurry of butterflies and bees buzzing around the lush grass. It’s worth it!