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7 Potted Plants That Thrive In Winter 

7 Potted Plants That Thrive In Winter 

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There’s no reason why you couldn’t grow potted plants throughout the winter months. Many varieties thrive in these settings, although some do better than others.

My favorite winter plants are evergreen, especially if you’re lucky enough to live where there’s snow all winter long. Yet, you miss some color during these bleak months.

That’s why I compiled a list that has both the greenery and color!

Let’s get started!

Winter Container Plants Care & Tips

• If you want an all-year interest, go with evergreen plants. They stay fresh and healthy even during winter.

• Winter is usually a period of dormancy. Even your evergreen shrubs will slow down their growth. Reduce the amount of water you give your plants during this season.

• Give your plants a deep watering before cold spells. This will prevent them from freezing and keep their roots safe.

• If you keep your potted plants outdoors, choose a variety that can tolerate at least one zone colder than your own. Containers don’t provide enough insulation, so you have to choose a plant that can tolerate cold temperatures.

#1 ‘Blue Star’ Juniper Tree

• Zone 4-8

• Full to part sun

• Up to 3 ft tall, 4 ft wide

This elegant and lovely mini tree is perfect for pots. Juniper is one of the best indoor bonsai trees, so try this growing technique as well.

The blue foliage looks amazing when pruned into a topiary.

#2 Dwarf Alberta Spruce

• Zone 3-6

Full to part sun

• 6-10 ft tall, 5-6 ft wide

Spruce trees are huge, but this dwarf variety is perfect for smaller gardens. It flourishes in full sun, but it can handle some shade.

Dwarf Alberta spruce looks like a classic Christmas tree, so you can take it indoors to decorate during the holiday season.

#3 ‘Golden Mop’ Cypress

• Zone 4-8

• Full to part sun

• 5 ft tall and wide

The rounded, pyramidal shape of this cypress is a perfect addition to any garden. This tree can get up to 5 ft tall, so make sure to plant it in a large container.

Move it around until it gets at least 6 hours of light per day for the most vivid golden-yellow foliage.

#4 ‘Little Goblin’ Winterberry Holly

• Zone 3-9

• Full to part sun

• 3-5 ft tall and wide

Growing winterberry holly isn’t that demanding, whether you opt for pots or in-ground plants. This particular variety is perfect for planters because it stays compact.

Choose an orange or red option and enjoy it during the festive season!

#5 Mountain Snow Pieris

• Zone 4-8

Part to full shade

• 3-4 ft tall, 2-3 ft wide

Glossy, deep green foliage isn’t the only attraction this plant has to offer. It bears white flower clusters that last throughout the wintry season.

This makes the mountain snow pieris perfect if you love the snowy look on plants, but live in a region that doesn’t get a lot of it nowadays.

#6 Red Creeping Phlox

• Zone 3-9

Full to part sun

• 3-6 in tall, 1-2 ft wide

Creeping phlox care in winter isn’t that difficult to master, especially if you grow it in containers.

You won’t get colorful blossoms in spring, but the greenery is breathtaking. 

#7 Winter Heath

• Zone 4-9

• Full sun

• 6-12 in tall, 12-18 in wide

Winter heath is on the list of the best architectural plants. You can keep it outdoors all year long or take it inside during winter.

As long as it gets plenty of sun, your winter heath will thrive!