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Don’t Put Just Any Plant In Your Terrarium. Check Out 7 Ideal Plants For Thriving Terrariums!

Don’t Put Just Any Plant In Your Terrarium. Check Out 7 Ideal Plants For Thriving Terrariums!

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Terrariums are a beautiful addition to any space and require minimal upkeep. But how to know which plants you can grow in these enclosed environments?

You can’t just put any plant in your terrarium and expect it to grow and thrive – only specific plants can adapt to humid environments of terrariums, and I’m going to tell you which ones. Just keep reading to find out more 🙂 

1. Mini Ferns

If you like tropical forests, then you should definitely consider adding mini ferns to your terrariums – these are like tiny tropical forests right inside your home! 

These plants love moisture and humidity, plus they can tolerate low light settings. Mini ferns grow best in enclosed terrariums that you can decorate however you want. 

Ideal varieties for this occasion are “Fluffy Ruffles” because they love humidity and can be divided to create even smaller plants. A beginner-friendly terrarium variety would also include “Maidenhair fern”. 

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2. Mosaic Plant

Mosaic plants, aka Nerve plants or Painted net leaf plants, are a good addition to terrariums as they have unique foliage with intricate patterns. 

The bold and vibrant appeal of fittonia plants, renowned for their striking foliage patterns, add an eye-catching focal point to terrariums and create a captivating botanical display. 

Additionally, they thrive in high humidity and indirect light, with a preference for moderate watering to maintain moist soil. 

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3. Orchids

Orchid terrariums are becoming super popular nowadays, despite the fact that these are probably one of the most needy houseplants you can grow. 

In fact, they can grow even better in terrariums as they work like a mini greenhouse! 

It’s important to choose an orchid variety that can grow in moderate temperatures, low light, and high humidity. Also consider the size of the orchids because you don’t want it to become too big and outgrow your terrarium. 

The best orchid species for terrariums include “Phalaenopsis,” “Lepanthes,” and “Angraecum” – these will grow to the size of your palm and thrive in humid conditions. 

4. Watermelon Peperomia

Another unique creature that can be added to terrariums is the Watermelon peperomia. 

These plants have specific patterns on their leaves that resemble tiny watermelons (people will be asking if you’ve found a miniature watermelon species to grow in your terrarium!). 

This small and compact plant needs medium to bright light, a lot of moisture, and humidity, which is why enclosed terrariums are the best for peperomias. 

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5. Air Plants

Tiny air plants are made for terrariums – they can grow anywhere as long as they receive enough water, indirect sunlight, and proper air circulation. 

You can pick and choose a lot of different varieties because they are all very well-adapted to the terrarium’s environment. 

They generally grow well in temperatures between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit and moderate humidity levels, which is why they’re ideal for growing under glass (just make sure there’s plenty of air circulation). 

Air plants, emphasis on the “air” part, don’t need soil to grow – they don’t grow out of thin air, so you should cover their bottoms with sand or aquarium gravel. Arrange them however you want and enjoy your mini terrarium! 

6. Polka Dot Plant

The Polka dot plant is a lovely houseplant known for its foliage that’s covered with pink, red, and cream spots. It is an easy-to-care for plant that can also be used as a statement piece for your terrarium. 

However, it’s important that the Polka dot plant receives just the right amount of light so that its leaves stay vivid and compact. The best growing conditions for terrarium Polka dot plants are bright, indirect light. 

Surprisingly, this plant can grow well in both closed and open terrariums! 

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7. Succulents & Cacti

Succulent and cacti are the staple plants of almost every terrarium out there! 

There are many different dwarf varieties that come in interesting shapes, but the most commonly used ones are Sedum burrito, Echeveria, Haworthia, thimble cactus, cinnamon cactus, and rainbow pincushion cactus. 

They thrive in desert-like conditions, so it’s best not to keep them in a closed terrarium – semi-enclosed ones will work just fine as long as you keep them in indirect light and water them occasionally. 
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