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10 Most Common Country Clipper Mower Problems And Solutions

10 Most Common Country Clipper Mower Problems And Solutions

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Mowing is very important in landscape maintenance, and the invention of riding lawnmowers has helped gardeners a great deal.

There are some great zero-turn mowers out there that make mowing a walk in a park.

If you prefer Country Clipper Jazee One or XLT to Toros and Cub cadets, you might want to know that Country Clipper mower problems aren’t unheard of.

Therefore, we decided to bring you some amazing troubleshooting tips that can turn you into a real craftsman if you pay close attention.

Let’s get started!

10 Country Clipper Mower Problems And Solutions

The Country Clipper Lawn Mower is produced by Shivvers manufacturing in Corydon, Iowa. Everything’s fine when the warranty is valid, but what happens after it expires?

You cannot just ship your ZTR mower to Iowa and hope they’ll fix it, but you can check yourself or get someone experienced to help you. However, you should always check the operator’s manual before doing any work on your mower, and don’t fix it yourself if the warranty hasn’t expired.

In the following sections, you will read about the most common problems that can affect your mower, what causes them, and how to fix them.

1. Joystick Problems

Joystick issues are quite common, especially if your mower has seen one too many summers. It can wear out and create irritating noises whenever you use it.

If your joystick doesn’t work properly, look for parts that are worn out (for instance, the throttle or a suction cup). You should change them (or get someone to do it for you) if they don’t look like they can handle any more stress.

On the other hand, if your mower is making weird noises in addition to joystick issues, check the internal construction. There could be debris build-up or dust, making everything dry, and all you have to do is lubricate it to make the noise go away.

But, if the problem doesn’t go away, you should consider contacting an expert.

2. Mower Engine Won’t Start

The most common reasons that your mower engine won’t start (or turn over) are an empty tank, dirty carburetors, gas line obstructions, old gas, or an uncharged battery.

To deal with these issues, all you need to do is change the gas regularly (and fill the fuel tank), charge the batteries, clean the carburetors, the spark plugs, and the fuel filter regularly, and that’s it!

You should also check the wiring and tighten them up if they’re loose since they won’t supply the engine with the proper voltage otherwise.

I know it seems like a lot of work, but it definitely beats buying a John Deere, Kubota, or new Country Clipper Charger mower.

I mean, even Spartan mower problems include difficulties with starting, so knowing how to fix this issue may come in handy regardless of the brand you own.

3. Mower Engine Won’t Shut Down

Another frightening issue is when the Country Clipper mower engine won’t shut down unless you detach the spark plug wire. The problem is usually caused by the wiring inside the mower or something obstructing the ignition switch.

Thankfully, you can solve this issue by cleaning the wiring of any dust, debris, and dirt.

However, if this doesn’t work, you might have to get a new switch, but hey, at least you won’t have to buy a new mower!

4. Cutting Blades Problems

One of the most common reasons for mower blades not engaging is a weak battery, so simply charge the battery and enjoy a lovely day outside.

However, if recharging doesn’t help, you should probably get a new battery. Remember, once the battery empties out completely, you’re reducing its life.

On the other hand, it is pretty common to have cutting blades not disengage, which is most likely due to a solenoid that isn’t working, an obstruction, or the blades simply being misaligned.

If you experience these issues, first try cleaning the blades and removing the dirt, grass clippings, or anything else that obstructs the blade.

If you suspect the problem is in the solenoid, you can only try turning it off and on again. If that doesn’t help, you’ll need to get a new one.

If the blades and the engine are clean and there’s nothing obstructing them, you should try and align them manually.

Finally, if nothing helps, you’ll probably need a new motor or blades, so consult an expert.

5. Bad Dealerships

This brand isn’t exactly known for its high-quality dealerships and after-sale services. However, the problem is only exacerbated by the fact that there are many fake dealers out there without the authority to sell these mowers that don’t include warranties.

Always go to a trustworthy Country Clipper Dealer, and don’t do any work on your mower yourself if the warranty is still valid or it may be voided.

6. Hydro Problems

The most common causes of hydro problems are inadequate temperatures, cavitation, leakage, bad oil, lack of oil, or weak connections, which result in an insufficient or cut-off power supply.

If your ZTR cannot move, check for these issues. For instance, cavitation is quite common and leads to the accumulation of air in the hydraulic system of your Country Clipper.

Furthermore, temperatures that are too hot or cold affect the viscosity of the oil, which loses some of its lubricative properties.

You can fix this problem of inadequate power supply by clearing the transmission of the mower before using it. You should also inspect the connections, tighten any weak ones, and fix the leakages you find.

Also, switch to high-quality oils and refill them when necessary. Use an infrared thermometer to monitor the temperatures, and if you find many differences, you should change the oil.

And finally, regularly check the connections and their condition to save yourself a lot of trouble.

7. Deck Belt Frequently Coming Off

A deck belt usually comes off because it is damaged, worn, loose, or stretched-out, the wrong size, or the belt keepers are missing or bent, which may prevent your mower blades from engaging.

A loose or stretched belt is usually caused by constant processing of the leaves and grass, which pack your mower deck and cause the belt to come off more frequently.

If the belt is stretched, worn, or damaged, your only option is to replace it. Always go for a premium-quality belt such as OEM because cheap replacements get worn out incredibly quickly.

Also, make sure that the belt is the proper size so that you don’t have to readjust it every few feet. Finally, check the belt keepers, replace the missing ones, and straighten the bent ones.

8. Bouncing Lawn Mower

A bouncing mower might sound like great content for your next YouTube or TikTok video, but it does become an issue if you are trying to mow your lawn!

The most common causes of this issue are worn-out wheels, misaligned blades, or poor condition of binding pulleys.

It can become quite challenging to direct and steer, especially if the ground you’re driving it on isn’t even.

You can resolve these issues by replacing the wheels or aligning the blades, whichever seems to be causing the issue.

If you suspect that the binding pulley is the root of your problems, you can check and replace them if they’re not in tip-top shape.

Check the pulleys by disconnecting the battery (starting with the negative cable), removing the mower deck and drive belt, and checking whether the pulleys are bent, have large grooves or are concave. 

9. Clipper Leaving Tracks On Lawn

The most common causes of this issue are dull, damaged, or unbalanced blades, but the speed at which you mow and overlap plays a big part as well.

Cutting blades can get dull or even damaged during mowing, so you should sharpen them every once in a while.

Always check whether the blades are balanced and make sure everything’s aligned and tight before mowing, as you don’t want unattractive tracks on your lawn.

Finally, if you mow too fast and don’t overlap the rows, the blades won’t be able to cut every single grass leaf, and you’ll end up with an unevenly mowed lawn.

10. Broken Plastic Housing

The last issue can happen to any mower (not just a Country Clipper) – cracked or missing plastic housing. Mowers are more susceptible to damage when their inner parts are exposed, and it could be quite dangerous for you too!

If the entire housing is missing, you should definitely get a new one. Also, if the cracks are too large to be repaired individually, you should replace the entire housing.

However, if the broken parts are quite small, you can simply patch the cracks and go on about your day.

That said, it is always better to take it to a professional, as they’ll definitely know what to do and what’s best for your mower.

How To Maintain A Country Clipper Lawn Mower

We have talked about the most common problems you may experience with your mower and the Country Clipper troubleshooting, but it’s more important to know how to prevent them in the first place.

Regularly checking and maintaining your mower can help you avoid most of the issues we discussed above.

Check The Blades

The first thing you should do before mowing is check whether the blades are clean, balanced, and sharp enough.

If the blades are worn-out or damaged beyond repair, you should replace them with new ones, but make sure they are balanced and installed at a 10°-15° angle.

Don’t forget to check the sharpness of the blades to avoid uneven mowing and change the oil so that the blades can run smoothly.

Here are some tips for changing the oil in your mower:

Check The Oil

Oil is extremely important for your mower engine. If the levels are too low, the engine may get seriously damaged, and you might even have to replace it.

Oil lubricant is another thing that can help improve your mowing experience. When everything’s dry, your mower tends to make strange noises, and you can make them go away by applying some grease to the assembly and caster swivel.

You can check the video below to help you lubricate your mower:

Check The Battery

You probably take care of your car battery and don’t allow it to die, and you should do the same with your mower battery.

Check it from time to time, and charge it if it’s not fully charged to have the best performance. Dead batteries are quite a nuisance, and you will have to replace them if you continue emptying them.

The main reason your mower is not turning over is likely a dead battery, so try to avoid it at all costs.

Check The Spark Plug Wires

On the other hand, if your mower has difficulty starting (but still starts nevertheless), the problem isn’t necessarily the battery (although, most times, it actually is).

You should check the spark plug wires every now and again and tighten the loose ones for better clipper performance. Unfortunately, if the tightening doesn’t help, you’ll have to replace them with new ones.

Cleaning The Mower

Finally (and most importantly), you should clean your mower thoroughly. This refers to removing plant debris and build-up, fuel build-up in the carburetor, and cleaning the tank and air and fuel filters.

Engine stalling may occur due to plant build-up on the underside of your mower and sticky fuel debris build-up in the carburetor, which blocks the airflow, so you should clean your mower on a regular basis.

Clean the tank and fuel filter regularly, and fill the tank to the top in order to avoid any issues. If the tank is completely empty, give it a good clean before filling it with gas.

Ensure that the air filter is dry and clean at all times because dirty or wet filters restrict proper airflow, which results in overheating of the engine.

You can also apply a decalcifying agent once a year to all the metal parts of your mower, including the blades. These agents remove corrosion and lime build-up and keep your mower in excellent shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have tackled some of the most critical questions about Country Clipper mower problems, but there are still some unanswered questions about mowers that require our attention.

We noticed that you asked for advice on buying a new mower, such as which model is the best, how much it usually costs, and so on, so we’ll answer your questions and help you choose the best Country Clipper for your yard!

How much does a new Country Clipper mower cost?

The price of new Country Clipper mowers ranges between $5,700-15,000, depending on the model.

However, there are excellent used mowers that you can get for about $3,500, although you should check how many hours they’ve been used for, and always go to trustworthy dealers because you don’t want to end up spending all your money on a mower that doesn’t come with a warranty.

What is the best Country Clipper lawn mower?

Any Country Clipper mower is a good choice, but if we had to choose, we’d definitely go for the Country Clipper XLT series because you can select the cutting width that fits your needs (it comes with 48, 52, and 60 inches).

You can also choose a Kawasaki or Kohler engine, etc.

This mower can handle almost any terrain, whether elevated or uneven and doesn’t mind mowing different grass types. It also has a pop-up deck which is quite practical, especially if you need to clean your mower.

What is the difference between a zero-turn and standard mower?

The main difference between the two types of mowers is that zero-turn mowers use rear-wheel drive, whereas standard mowers operate on front-wheel drive.

ZTR mowers are famous for their speed and maneuverability, and they leave fewer tracks if you don’t drive them too fast.

It’s also said that ZTR mowers are difficult to control on bumpy terrain and that they don’t have the power to drive uphill.

(I mean, you won’t be driving your Country Clipper on rough terrain anyway!)

ZTR mowers can give you a clean cut at 5 mph and reach speeds of up to 10 mph, whereas a lawn tractor has a top speed of 7 mph and offers you a clean cut at 4 mph.


This article examined the most common Country Clipper mower problems, and we brought you some effective ways of dealing with them.

Of course, you should never do any work yourself if you have a valid warranty, but if it’s expired and you don’t feel like going to a professional to change the oil every now and again, there are some things you can do.

Of course, changing the oil isn’t the only thing; certain problems aren’t easily fixed, especially if you have a dead battery, damaged blades, or a faulty solenoid.

Another important thing is to maintain and clean your mower regularly and check it from time to time in order to avoid any potential issues.

Finally, we answered some of your most frequently asked questions about these mowers that can really help you choose the one best for your needs.

Until next time!