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9 Absolutely Gorgeous Spring-Blooming Perennials To Grow For Early Flower Display In The Spring 

9 Absolutely Gorgeous Spring-Blooming Perennials To Grow For Early Flower Display In The Spring 

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As the spring arrives and nature awakens, these blooming perennial flowers start thriving. And who doesn’t want to have a colorful garden as soon as the weather gets warmer?

If you combine these perennials with bulbs, you’ll get continuous blooms from late winter all throughout the spring! 

These eye-catching flowering plants can grow well in shaded areas, but it’s important that you provide them with a well-draining soil enriched with organic matter. 

With so many options available, you can combine many exciting colors, shapes, and textures, thus creating a unique garden which everyone can admire. 

Stay tuned and learn more about the prettiest spring-blooming perennials!  

1. Lungwort

Lungwort is a charming flower known for its clusters of tubular flowers and silver-spotted green leaves. The flower color changes from pale pink to blue and white throughout the season. 

They are often grown with tall hostas because they thrive in partial to full shade. Lungworts also grow well in well-draining soil that is rich in organic matter. 

Keep the soil consistently moist, and enjoy the delightful transformation of colors, from pink and blue in early spring to white as the season progresses. Deadheading will encourage new flowers in a season. 

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2. Geum

Geum is a popular sun-loving perennial known for its colorful flowers that grow on top of delicate stems. Different cultivars are available in various colors, including soft pink, pale apricot, bright orange, and even two-toned varieties. 

Geums prefer locations with full sun to partial shade and well-draining soil. Deadheading spent blooms encourages prolonged flowering. With their compact growth habit and vibrant flowers, geums make a lovely addition to borders and rock gardens.

3. Primroses

Primroses are gorgeous flowering plants that can bloom in winter. They have dainty-looking flowers with bright yellow centers. These spring-blooming perennials are also low-growing. 

They thrive in well-draining soil and prefer partial shade, making them perfect for woodland gardens, along the edges of garden beds, near ponds or in meadows. Primula varieties are great for attracting various beneficial insects and pollinators. 

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4. Forget-me-nots

Forget-me-nots are yet another delicate perennial that blooms in early spring, creating a charming carpet of colors. These easy-to-grow perennials prefer partial shade but can tolerate full sun in cooler climates. 

Forget-me-nots self-seed, ensuring a return each year. Plus, it’s easy to remove their shallow roots in case they spread. Their dainty blooms are a favorite for attracting pollinators and growing in woodland gardens or marshy areas. 

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5. Hellebores

Hellebore is recognized for its distinctive, spurred flowers that start blooming in early spring and well into late spring. These perennials don’t like to be moved – but once you plant them in the right location, they’ll grow into large, healthy clumps. 

They are cold-hardy plants that grow well in shade or sun-dappled places with rich, well-draining soil. Keep in mind that these plants are drought-tolerant and deer-resistant

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6. Columbines

Columbines are lovely perennials that produce starry flowers and alluring leaves that come in different shapes and colors. They bloom well in shade but they can also adapt to full sun in cooler regions. 

If you have different varieties, they can self-sow and hybridize, which results in varieties with new color combinations. Since they grow into clumps, you can easily divide them and get multiple columbines. 

7. Bleeding Heart

Bleeding heart is a captivating perennial known for its unique, heart-shaped flowers that grow gracefully on arching stems. They most commonly come in pink, but different varieties are available in white, pale pink, and dark red. 

Bleeding heart plant care is relatively easy to follow – grow them in shade and well-draining soil rich in organic matter. Make sure to keep the soil moist consistently and enjoy a cascade of flowers from spring to early summer. 

8. Woodland Phlox

Woodland phlox is a fragrant perennial that produces clusters of delicate, star-shaped flowers that bloom in pale lilac to blue or white colors, depending on the cultivar. These low-growing plants are well-established in shade and soil that drains well. 

Popular cultivars are ‘May Breeze’ with white flowers, ‘Blue Moon’ with deep periwinkle, and ‘Chattahoochee,’ which is a bi-colored cultivar with pale blue and purple flowers. Woodland phlox is an excellent choice for adding a carpet of color to woodland gardens or shaded borders.

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9. Pink/Dianthus

Dianthus, commonly referred to as Pinks, are compact perennials known for their fragrant flowers and needle-like leaves. Their flowers grow in clumps or spread among thin leaves. These sun-loving plants thrive in well-draining soil with good fertility. 

Dianthus is often used as an edging plant, in rock gardens, or as part of container arrangements. There’s a popular multi-colored variety called Sweet William. 

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