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Terracotta Indoor Planters Are The Absolute Best Thing For Your Houseplants And This Is Why

Terracotta Indoor Planters Are The Absolute Best Thing For Your Houseplants And This Is Why

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I used to admire those cute plant pots in stores, and they inspired me to dip my toes in indoor gardening. 

So, I decided to start cultivating plants indoors. Little did I know that not all pots work the same!

When I saw my plants weren’t doing so well, I wanted to know why. That’s when I found out that the kind of pot you use really matters.

My sister, who is a bit of an expert in gardening, suggested using terracotta pots. And you know what? My plants started growing and thriving!

The cool thing is, terracotta pots come in lots of fun styles. So, I mixed my love for cute pots with what’s best for my plants.

Now, let me tell you why terracotta pots are awesome for your home plants!

This Is Why Terracotta Pots Will Spark A Revolution In Your Home

After cultivating plants for many years now, I can tell you for sure that terracotta pots are the best! 

You can move them around, bring them outdoors on patios, use them for container gardening, or simply put them on your windowsill to brighten up your home. 

They’re durable, breathable, and help regulate moisture levels, which keeps your plants healthy and happy. Trust me, once you try terracotta pots, you’ll never go back!

If Your Plants Need Drainage, Grow Them In Terracotta Pots!

What I love the most about terracotta pots is that we can easily track moisture levels – all the extra water will evaporate quickly as they are made of porous material (unlike plastic pots that trap moisture). 

So, if you have an issue with overwatering, putting your plants in these kinds of pots will significantly reduce the risk of fungal diseases and root rot

Since terracotta pots are porous, they’ll make sure that the roots of your plants receive just enough oxygen to grow and develop. 

My succulent plants just love their tiny little terracotta homes! Don’t worry, you can grow cacti, succulents, philodendrons, hoyas, and many more plants in these types of pots! 

These Pots Also Provide Good Insulation

Many of us don’t know that terracotta pots actually provide good insulation. I found out about this when I used to propagate Christmas cactus (I usually suck at propagation but everything went well once I used terracotta pots for young seedlings!). 

This is because these kinds of pots naturally insulate plant roots from extreme temperatures: when put outdoors in warm weather, they keep the plant nice and cool. If placed in the cold, they’ll keep the plants warm

Indoor plants might not have these kinds of issues, but even they can suffer from sudden temperature changes depending on where they are placed in the house. 

So, whether you want to propagate your plants or start the seed indoors, terracotta planters are the way to go! 

But you should definitely know a thing or two before buying terracotta planters, so check out these 8 Things You Should Know About Terracotta Pots Before Buying Them.

Choose The Best Terracotta Pots For Your Plants

You thought I was going to let you leave without suggesting my top picks? Well, not quite!

Besides all the benefits for your houseplants, terracotta pots can truly improve your home decor. 

They come in many shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors so I’m sure you can find the one that suits your style. 

Here are my top terracotta picks

Terracotta Beaded Planter Pot

• Handcrafted

• Elegant beaded design

• Size: 6.8” tall and 6” wide

• Drainage mesh net included

Terracotta Clay Pots with Tray

• Perfect for flowers, succulents, cuttings, and cacti

• Size: 6*6*5 inches(L*W*H), Trays size: 5.1*5.1*1 inches

• Durable and crack resistant

• Pot color can tell you if your plants need watering

Leaf Pattern Terracotta Pots

• Handcrafted elegant design

• Size: 4.4" Diameter (3.8" Inner Diameter) * 4.5" Height; Medium: 6.3" Diameter (5.7" Inner Diameter) * 6.5" Height

• Drainage hole mesh net included

• Sturdy and lightweight

Set of 4 Terracotta Shallow Planter Pots

• Round cylinder design

• Size: 3.1"D x 2.3"H, 4.2"D x 2.8"H, 5.3"D x 3.2"H, 6.6"D x 3.9"H 

• Perfect for seedlings, succulents, mini cacti, herbs, or as decorations for desk, windowsill, and more

• Drainage holes and fitting terracotta saucers included